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Reactions As Tilapia The Cartoonist Drops Message Concerning Salary For First And Second Lady.

The government has informed the entire country that the first and second ladies of the Republic of Ghana are to be paid at the end of each month. Both the president's and vice president's spouses will be paid GHC 21000 each month, according to communications minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, who broke the news to the public. He further stated that the payment will be backdated to 2017, implying that Mrs. Rebecca and Samira Bawumia will get a whopping sum of GHC 1, 134,000.

This additional fee has prompted outrage on social media, with people questioning why the spouses will be compensated at the expense of the country since their respective husbands already earn large sums of money. Tilapia the Cartoonist, who is well-known for his ingenuity, has released another image to raise awareness about the issue.

Below are some of the reactions.:

Lampard, Boye

They claim we have to borrow to survive, but we constantly find bizarre ways to waste money. What happened to the 88 hospitals? Are the 88 hospitals more significant than the Land Cruisers for MPs?

How would paying such large sums to the first and second ladies help Ghana develop?

Nimboge, Ephraim

In fact, I wouldn't believe it if someone told me that the NPP government would lament and wail for power in 2016, just to return this Pepper to Ghanaians in 2017. What sense does this option make in terms of economics to a developing country that relies on borrowing to survive?

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