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I Can't Wait To See How You Justify How Nana Addo Got 50% And Above (Opinion)

Dear Chief Justice Anin-Yeboah,

Your Honour,

I trust that you are well. 

During your ruling earlier on in the day you touched on the purpose of UNITY as Ghanaians and how it was the responsibility of the legal practitioners in Ghana to uphold the profession because Ghanaians have lost faith in the JUSTICE SYSTEM IN GHANA (paraphrased).

Your Honour, personally, I have been exceptionally disappointed as well as millions of Ghanaians at the turn of events in the way things have been handled in your court but as you rightly said we are not lawyers so we don’t understand.

May I also state that I appreciate how you have stuck strictly to the law but quite disappointed at how you left no room whatsoever for other considerations outside the box but what do I know pertaining to law?

However, despite my disappointment because I’m so keen for broken institutions to begin to work in Ghana. I can’t wait to see how you justify how Prez. Akufo-Addo obtained 50% and above per Article 63 (3) of the CONSTITUTION OF GHANA during your final ruling. In fact one of your colleague justices made it clear to us that you do take other matters into consideration before you give a ruling. So I am assuming that doing the math will be a crucial aspect of your ruling. 

Just as you stated we are not lawyers but Your Honour, with the greatest of respect you also are not a MATHEMATICIAN nor a STATISTICIAN and this is a numbers petition. So many of us Ghanaians especially our millennials are looking forward to your final ruling and how you justify Prez. Akufo-Addo’s second term to us as a duly elected President and all the irregularities and fraud in the 2020 elections.

I believe that Ghana must get to the point where everyone matters and that even 1 vote padding can nullify an election because it’s stealing and people must be punished for having such mindsets of rigging elections. 

Your Honour, there’s too much rot in the fabric of our Ghanaian society and that is why those of us in the diaspora sometimes come out so hard on our leadership including the judiciary.

Right now your credibility and that of your bench and your collective legacies are at stake.

Respectfully, Your Honour it will not take Dr. Ayine alone to repair this grave damage to the Judiciary and the corruption attached to it. It will take ALL OF US. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US TO FIX THIS. 

So, yes we are extremely disappointed thus far but we look forward to your final ruling. We are so DIVIDED as a nation and I would’ve thought you would were going to take that into consideration but so far clearly not and it hurts.

But we will wait for you on the 4th. This is a numbers petition and we are very well clued on. We are awakened and we demand answers that we can accept. 

Once again you have a final duty to help us sort out the mess Jean Mensa has caused to our nation and the global embarrassment.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

God bless.

Marie Amoakwa-Boadu

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