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I called covid-19 into my blood spiritually, tested positive and cured it after 24 hours- Prophet

One of the popular men of God in Ghana who is widely known as Prophet P.K has finally opened up on the corona virus outbreak in Ghana. In an interview with Kwadwo Poku on Kumasi Online TV, the popular man of God disclosed that there is a spirit behind every sickness and diseases since every sickness and disease originated from a spirit entity who is called Satan. He added that the corona virus outbreak is a complete demonic virus which is send from hell to destroy souls who are living on this earth. The enemy wants to destroy the children of God with it but God will deliver his own people.

The man of God continued by saying that the corona virus cannot survive in his body since he has fortified his body with the spirit of God. Due to the power and fortification i have from God, i called the corona virus into my blood spiritually when i was praying, i mean i called the spirit behind the corona virus into my blood to prove to him that i have power over him. Immediately the corona virus entered my blood, i realize in the realms of the spirit that i have tested positive. After testing positive for 24 hours, i cured myself from the virus through the power God has vested in me spiritually. The corona virus left my blood since i was stronger than the spirit behind it spiritually. If you can build your spirit well, no evil can stand before you. Kindly leave your comments, share and follow us for more updates. Thank you.

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