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See The Sad Demise Of These African Leaders Who Left A Legacy For The Continent

Africa independence has had its fair share of political bloodshed from the vicious coup détat to assassination tries on leaders and even the assassination of some leaders while in office.

Other leaders additionally died even at workplace and the purpose of the demise of some of them are then again being investigated. at least leaders had been mounted to have been assassinated whilst in office.Patrice Lumumba.

Patrice Lumumba was once introduced high minister in june 1961 at the age of 34. the Congolese top minister suffered a lot of controversies from secessionist groups. this made him looking for beneficial aid from the soviet to aid in combating these rebels however that omit in the end led to his deposition through the army chief joseph mobutu. lumumba was in the end murdered through a firing squad in 1961. our desk through hard work has been successful to outline two presidents that misteriosly died while serving in office. these presidents looking out at the way they went to their creator died heroes. lets sink deep into the story. 

Thomas sankara

Thomas Isidore Noel Sankara used to be a Burkinabe militant social justice campaigner and president of burkina faso from 1983 to 1987. A counter-coup in october 1987 was once ruthlessly staged and executed.

Sankaras was with entirely a small militant core by his facet particularly exposed. In the morning of 15 october 1987 they gathered about 4:15 p.m. at the Ancient Conseil De L'Entente headquarters which for some time had served as workplace of Burkinabes.

The assembly was under way for only a short time when spraying of gun bullets erupted in the small courtyard outside, about 4:30 p.m. or quickly after.

sankara's driver and two of his bodyguards had been the first to be killed. Upon sensing the gun-fire, absolutely everyone in the assembly room quickly took cover. Sankara then sold up and prompted his aides to continue to be in internal for their very own safety. "its me they want" he said and left the room with palms raised to his head to face the assailants.

He was shot infinite times and died barely uttering a word.

if his exit from the room was supposed to save his comrades interior it failed. The gunmen all in army uniform entered the meeting room and sprayed it with computerized weapon fire. All personalities in the room were sadly murdered except for Alouna Traoré. Sankara reign was sadly shut. It was alleged that Blaise Compaore, Sankara's comrade quickly denied involvement claiming he was at home and sick.

Meanwhile it is alleged his guys did and they would not have acted without a clear order.

By the midnight of the assassination compaoré was to be made the new president. source:

Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi

Muammar Gaddafi also recognized as Colonel Gaddafi was born in 1942 in libya. He used to be once a modern chief baby-kisser and a political theorist. he died on twentieth october 2011 upon a joint collaboration between the North Atlantic treaty enterprise NATO and other rebel companies namely; Misrata when he was once escaping to a valley diagnosed as Jarref valley for refuge.

According to Othman Al-zintani who used to be the chief forensic pathologist in Libya stated Gaddafi suffered from gunshots that induced his death.

Professor John Evans Atta mills

in an interaction once with Starr Fm, Dr. Cadman Mills adviced that his brother Atta Mills used to be one of the loneliest Presidents Ghana ever had and that his Ministers and folks closer to him at the Presidency by no means even bothered to visit and interact with him.

"oh. my God i would go to his quarters in the castle which were not actually surely healthy for human being to live in. My God and he will be sitting in this chair very quietly".

He said there are instances he had to call the late presidents friends and tell them that please come and visit him he revealed. So far the cause of the loss of existence of the late President stays mysterious but the NPP government pledged to investigate and bring to book people the believe caused the demise of the President.

writers opinion: i believe the former president, Evans Atta Mills died a natural death.

Meanwhile the Bono Regional Chairman of the Ruling New Patriotic Party, Kwame Baffoe once honoured an invitation from the Criminal Investigations Department CID of the Ghana Police Service. The invitation was once in connection with a petition from Former President Mahama over the death of Atta Mills claims towards him by Mr. Baffoe.

Mahama had written to the Director General of the CID through his counsel, Tony Lithur of Lithur Brew law firm, on May 4, drawing the attention of the security agency to an infringement of Section 208 of Act 29 which talks about the publication of false news with intent to cause fear.

Laurent Kabila

Laurent Kabila used to be a Congolese progressive leader and politician who served as the 1/3 president of the Democratic Republic of Congo from 17th may 1997 when he overthrew Mobutu Sese Seko until his assassination by skill of one of his bodyguards in 16th January 2001.

Kabila was once shot to dying in 2001 however, the authorities managed to preserve power which his son Joseph Kabila succeeded him after his loss of life as the president of Congo.135 people have been arrested and tried by means of Navy Tribunal following the dying of Kabila.

Colonel Eddy, Kabila cousin was alleged to be the ringleader of the assassination. 25 people have been sentenced to death but have not been killed and sixty 64 humans had been jailed whilst others had been exonerated.

Samuel Doe

Samuel Doe used to be the first indigenous head of kingdom in Liberia's history. In 1989 the Liberian civil Combat broke out after insurrection leader, Charles Taylor invaded the Liberia through Côte Divoire and captured Samuel Doe in a guerilla war. Samuel Doe was seized by means of way of faction leader Prince Y. Johnson after a bloody gun fight at the Economic Community of West African States, monitoring businesses peacekeeping headquarters in monrovia. Samuel Doe was seriously tortured formerly than being executed.

Muhammad Anwar Al-Sadaat

Egypt 1981 egyptian leader mohammed sadaat was once a charismatic leader who possessed a top notch potential of oratory and a knack for risk-taking even with the chances of plausible political cost. the promising chief was assassinated at a army parade in 1981 by means of a group of officers who adversarial a peace deal between egypt and israel headed by sadaat in accordance to them irritate the economy.

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