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Another Rawlings is going to get up and cause a mess bigger than Rawlings' mess - Nunoo-Mensah warns

A top member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and a Former Chief of Defense Staff, Brigadier General Nunoo-Mensah of the Ghana Armed Forces, has warned that if care is not taken, another Rawlings is going to get up and cause a mess that will be bigger than the mess caused by Former President Jerry John Rawlings.

According to Nunoo-Mensah Mensah, the silence over the concerns of the youth with regards to the hardship in the country and hunger is something that can disturb the stability of the country in the near future if care is not taken. He noted if nothing is done, this can get to a point whereby someone will rise as Rawlings did and cause havoc that will be bigger than what was experience from Jerry John Rawlings.

He establish that concerns of the demonstrators, cited example of Arise Ghana, should be taken seriously. He cautioned that if the leaders are riding in luxurious vehicles when the youth are hungry is situation that can likely trigger someone to rise one day in a way the country wouldn't like.

Nunoo-Mensah noted "there was demonstration the other day by Arise Ghana. You don't care, you don't mind them. Another Rawlings is going to get up and cause a big mess, bigger than Rawlings mess. People are hungry.I get calls people are hungry this is not a small issue."

He also stated that there are people out there that cannot get local foods like kenkey to eat. He described it as a serious issues.

Gen. Nunoo-Mensah noted that "they can't get enough of local food liking kenkey to eat, we are siphoning their money and buying expensive cars. There will be more land cruisers in Accra that you will find in Tokyo are we crazy or what is wrong with us," he argued.

in conclusion, he notified that when leaders behave this way, you will get a response from the youth that wouldn't auger well for us. He said"When you behave like that you get a reaction from the youth. It is because of anger anger shouldn't arise but we are causing it."

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