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Remember, Mahama and Akufo-Addo Are Good Friends, Not Enemies.

Often times, you see people, especially regular people who have to toil everyday to make ends meet or strive very hard to keep their lives afloat arguing and sometimes fighting over a political personality or ideology. It is even worse in this era of social media where anyone who has access to phone and internet can easily put out their opinion over issues.

You find out many of such people only come out to insult.The issues are not addressed but rather people are guided by sentiments. There are people who get on the internet to only look for biased items just so they can spew out negativity. Never would such people ever read an objective or non political topics since it will not create an avenue to throw in vile comments.

The unfortunate twist to the whole issue is that, off the internet such attitudes easily lead to violence and even deaths. When they meet in their private spaces, their political differences are put aside. They talk about business, family and other things which benefit them.

The brutal truth such people should understand is that, people of the political class may seem to differ in opinion and may even look like sworn enemies, but a little scratch of the surface would reveal that these people of opposing political ideologies are often good friends, former classmates, family members, people who belong to similar fraternities and so on.

When they meet in their private places, they talk about things which are mutually beneficial to them. How many times have we not seen and heard of people who belong to different political parties but are best of friends, with some even married or being siblings?

When matters go out of hand, they have an easier means to exit the country than those fighting for them. Don not overdo. Be wise!

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Akufo-Addo Mahama


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