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How John Mahama Has Failed to Sell Himself Which Might Cause His Early Retirement From Politics.

A lot has been said concerning the forthcoming elections, which many tip to be the hottest presidential contest yet.

As fate would have it, Nana Akufo-Addo will go head to head with his most prominent political rival, John Dramani Mahama for a third time beginning in 2012.

Nana Akufo-Addo Addo, the current president of the republic and candidate of the New Patriotic Party hopes to retain his seat for a second term to consolidate the gains he has made for Ghana, as contained in the slogan ‘ 4More4Nana’.

Clearly known to him is the fact that John Mahama is seriously plotting his defeat in this elections with his ‘Rescue Mission ‘ campaign, which he believes he is the man ordained to rescue Ghanaians from the abysmal and incompetent government of Nana Akuffo-Addo led NPP party.

2020 elections, A Play Of Political Expediency?  

This is interestingly a contest between a renown lawyer and a well versed communicator.

Each candidate has taken turns to make their message resonate with the voting populace since the launching of their respective manifestos, seeking to sway voters in their favor.

But sadly, as independent observers have noted the exercises surrounding the campaign and election efforts have been one that has bordered on the politically expedient.

Whiles Nana Akufo-Addo has been embarking on a sod cutting spree around the country in an open show of the blessing of incumbency, John Mahama has sought to stage a comeback into presidential flavor with a much more uncensored’ ‘approach. It is worthy to note that these moves by John Mahama may prove disastrous in winning the votes of floating voters. Who are critical in any electoral victory.

He has sought to publish rather unpopular political strategies by some of his comments and propositions.

Here are some of those highlighted.

In 2008, whiles being the then running mate of Prof. Mills in responding to the NPP’s challenge to some kind of comparison of records declared that any party that engaged in such a futile exercise of comparing developments and infrastructure developments as a means of winning elections as ‘an exercise in mediocrity’.

Thus, any party or government that comes to say that they had built so and so school or hospital was not worthy to engage in any political discourse in the national life.

Fast forward to 2020, Mr. Mahama was on record to have called for a certain infrastructure debate and thrown a challenge to the ruling NPP Government to debate the NDC based on records.

This is a clear departure from his own position in 2008. In hindsight, this seems contradictory and thus a head scratcher.

Another is the rather inglorious criticism of government’s move to amend the existing Customs Act, to ban the importation of second hand cars.

In the estimation of the former president, this is a move out of a conspiracy to starve off the local automobile industry of business in favor of the newly established Volkswagen assembly plant in Ghana which was championed by the NPP government. He called the German company VW vehicles as ‘Apotror’ cars.

As to whether this wild claim holds any water, the reader is the best judge.

The desperation of the former president to return to power can be known in no inconsiderable terms when in his bid to secure he popular votes, he moves against his own position by offering to re-legalize the use of motorcycle as an alternative means of transportation.

Locally called okada, this was banned whiles he was president in 2012, shucks Okada was and still remains a major cause of motor accidents and fatalities on our roads.

He has proposed to re legalize the practice when he was the same man to lead its welcomed demise.

It seems to a lot of observers especially floating voters that the man lacks any sound alternative to the incumbent.

But what changed? Is this another veiled move to buy votes?

Social democratic apologists keep on defending this move as a welcome policy to ease the traffic locks within the city centers and create jobs for the youth of the country.

The question is, which progressive, forward thinking society hoping to make strides in development on the back of emerging technologies will prescribed such a backward practice gradually and systematically being outlawed in other nations?

This should not be coming from a man that has led the nation before.

He is not doing a good job of selling himself.

Frankly, most of his public utterances have been debated in public spaces. Notable among those is the Akyem Sakawa comment, among others.

To be honest, a decisive victory for the NPP in 2020 may spell the definite end of Mahama’s political career.

Unlike Nana Addo who lost twice whiles never being president, a loss for President Mahama would be too heavy a blow to bear.

Having lost the seat as a sitting president and being rejected at the second bid, could that be the telltale declaration that the people have decided to move on from the John Mahama effect?

The best answer lies with you, dear reader.

It is a free advice to Mr. Mahama to really touch the core of issues and give Ghanaians a reason to ditch the incumbent or else must forever remain silent at their impending defeat. A win, even, if fate decides to smile on them.

The point here is simple: Mr. Mahama is not doing a good job of selling himself this time around. He’s working his way down to opposition.

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