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What is Ghana lacking that these are happening; Is it a wake-up call for the government? [Opinion]

Covid 19 didn't give us time to rest since everything became a standstill. There was economic holocaust and meltdown due the low input of work as a result of the impact of the novel virus. But in 2021, things are not going the way it's supposed to be as we keep on hearing bad news every now and then. Day in day out we hear issues of rampant murder and ritual killings in the country.

Apparently, issues like these do happen but the sudden increment of these cases are baffling the minds of people. Recently, in Kasoa two teenagers killed a 10 year old boy for rituals. Unfortunately for them, their plan for the rituals did not succeed and they were busted. They are now facing trial in the court of law. Again, a student nurse from Kwadaso Nursing Training got missing and later found dead with some body parts removed.

As if that was not enough, one nurse who was a member of ICGC and stays at Madina was missing and the search to find her proved futile. People are been robbed and shot in a broad day light. Many people are worried over these cases and have called on the government to tighten the security system in country.

Government should beef-up the security so that the increasing rate would be minimised. If there is any other measures the national security can put in place in order to curtail such happenings, it should be done as soon as possible. Ghana is considered to be one of the most peaceful countries in the world and this record has been there for a very longer period of time.

Foreign investors go to any country where they think there is peace. If they get to know the place is not safe for them to do business, they will pull back. This will in turn affect the economy. Foreign investors contribute massively in the growth of the economy. Government should as a matter of fact tighten the security in order to curtail the prevalence of constant murder and ritual killings in the country.

On the issue of ritual killings, the money doubling programmes on televisions must be revised by the government so that it will not affect the youths who are the future of this country. Government must take drastic and strict measures over some of these issues so that it will get out of hands.

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