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B/R: Dormaa East DCE Calls For Wamanafo Natives To Support Funds For Completion Of Market

The Dormaa East District Chief Executive, Honourable Emmanuel Kofi Agyemang briefed media on Wednesday, 24th March, 2021 in Bono Region of Ghana that the Wamanafo general market has been abandoned for years because of lack of funds to continue the construction by the assembly.

He said, the plight of the market that most residents in the community complain, the assembly itself knows but the fact is lack of money to carry-on the rest of the work. Therefore, the assembly is pleading mercifully to the people of Wamanafo in the Dormaa East District to exercise patience for a while because the works left to completion are still many and for that matter he is issuing order of patience to all to agree to the situation.

He added, the assembly has seen that the market consists of facilities like stores that need water supply and electricity and for that matter the assembly agrees that any native of Wamanafo who wishes to support them with funds to complete the project is welcomed.

In fact, he explained that, the assembly is looking forward to receiving only Wamanafo natives so negotiations will be very simple and beneficial to all. He told, after completion, the stores will be let out to clients to rent and they will keep those funds to pay back the coffers they took the funds from immediately so no one should hesitate to show up.

The DCE hinted, though the assembly is now lacking adequate funds to speed up the project as the traders want, it is not in any plan to frustrate or delay the traders if the assembly gets assistance this month, the project will continue.

In addition, he said, the fact that the assembly is requesting for natives of the community's financial help does not mean the assembly will divert government funds to somewhere in anyway. The market is the feeding heart of the community where all food stuffs are brought for sale and the assembly also benefit lot in terms of revenue mobilization.

Therefore all Wamanafo residents should embark support for a successful completion of the market soon!

(DCE Voice)

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