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120 people didn't show up during the Tain district special voting

2020 is an election year in Ghana and it's 5 days more to the start of the general voting. But often on December 1st, the electoral commission of Ghana organizes a special voting for people who will work during the Election Day– I mean those whose services are needed for the smooth running of the election. For instance, Police officers, custom officers, prison service, Soldiers, and the likes).

According to the Tain District Electoral commission representative, 551 out of 671 registered members voted yesterday, representing 82% of the personnel. Base on the explanation given which I think is obvious to the indigenous Ghanaian, voting is not compulsory, it's a choice and those people decided not to show up. He said he has not received any reason from any of the absentees.

Speaking to Tain FM on the 10 a.m. news, the news presenter enquire about how they are going to make sure the covid 19 won't spread. On this he said, the government of Ghana knows that the coronavirus pandemic is still spreading in the country, as a result, they have employed Covid 19 Ambassadors who will work on 7th December to make sure they have checked the temperature of the voters, plus to ensure the social distancing protocols are in place.

The government will pay them. Note well that, according to Mr Andrews( Tain District EC rep) no nose mask, no voting. Hence, everyone must have a nose mask before they arrived at the polling stations. The government would not provide them to you. Although they will be hand sanitizers available for use.

"Due to the hardship the inhabitants are facing in the country, some may find it difficult to even purchase the nose mask, what measures are you putting in place for such people?" The presenter inquired. On this, his response is of great delight. He said one can use anything that can cover the nose and mouth such as a handkerchief.

To conclude, he preaches peace. We have few days to election and so all that is expected of us is to remain calm, show up on the day of voting and make sure we will move out of the polling station center to our various houses or workplace and probably return for the counting. Whatever the results may be, we should be prepared to accept it for the betterment of the country.

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