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Where Is The Sor For The Electricity ?

I have now been thoroughly convinced that the only job truly fit for a politician that a politician can do better than no other person is how to make money for himself and people he or she truly cares about. To think that no one in political authority of power can solve the problem of providing electric energy to feed homes and industries uninterrupted in Ghana is incredible

The people who laced their boots to try and chased out his Excellency former president Mahama because of Dumsor are currently finding ways to put on a much bigger boot to try and chase out the current president because of Dumsor. Sometimes I do not know whether it’s the politician or the people who vote the politicians that we are supposed to blame

The reality is that if the problem were that easy and solvable by just changing political appointees, it will have been solved by now. Because despite his or her money-grabbing ambitions, the politician is one of the smartest human beings on earth. There is no way the politician will have a solution to the problem and yet decide not to solve it

People need to start finding ways of solving this Dumsor problem on their own. If you want to build or buy a house, consider solar energy or other forms of energy as an alternative. Industries must also start considering ways of fueling their factories with internally generated energy

Because if it continues like this where the populace is always expecting solutions for everything from the politician or people in political authority of power, it will get to a point where people will demand solutions from a politician to impregnate their barren wives

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