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Twene Jonas Blasts Ashanti Regional Minister, Nana Addo, IGP, Shatta Wale Over Ejura Killings - DETAILS

Twene Jonas is on a spirited campaign, to criticize bad leadership in the country and he is no where stopping, despite several advice from many, to tone down on his insults.

Coming back even stronger today and sharing his video, which has since gone viral, he fired the Ashanti Regional Minister, who he described as fooling and incompetent. In his words, he said that, "Go and learn sense from your colleague Greater Accra Regional minister, who is working and attempting to bring real change to the nation's capital," he said.

His first attack, to the Ashanti Regional minister, Simon Osei-Mensah was premised on the fact that, the regional minister, had affirmed over the weekend that, indeed, he called for the presence of the military in Ejura on Tuesday, June 29, 2021, in his capacity as the Chairman of the Regional Security Council (REGSEC) because of the intelligence he gathered a day before the protest that led to the death of two persons.

Twene Jonas saddened by this and obviously angry, poured insults on his person and jokingly compared his head to a "Bentua."

The Regional Minister, in an interview on Accra-based radio station, Peace FM, on Friday, July 2, 2021 had said that, he had picked intelligence that the youth of the area had planned to burn the Ejura District Police Station after the burial of social activist, Ibrahim Muhammed, aka Kaaka, who was killed by a mob.

‘I called on the military, as the Chairman of the Regional Security Council (REGSEC), to be a backup a day before the incident. I did that based on intelligence I gathered that the youth had planned to go and burn the police station in the town and the homes of the two suspects the police have arrested after the burial of Kaaka’, he had said.

Twene Jonas, threatened that, if such leaders do not value lives and their decision can result in the gruesome murder of ordinary people, by state machinery such as the taxpayers paid security men, then he has no option, than to also order an equally counter attack by his boys. Already, he has made it known that, if such actions are not stopped, he will lead a revolt from his base in the USA, here in Ghana.

He told the Regional minister, there are illegal activities such as armed robberies and several threats to human lives and if he is a wise leader, he should deploy the military to fight such illegality rather, than sending them to shoot unarmed citizens.

Twene Jonas, however congratulated Bawumia for the visit to Ejura, but was quick to add that, "Bawumia has been very incompetent and doing nothing, but I must commend him, for at least, going to commiserate with the grieving people and family at Ejura. I did not even know that, he Bawumia is in Ghana, as he is doing really nothing."

Twene Jonas, also attacked the current President, calling him to be stop being a weak and loose leader and be firm, as according to him, the Presidents leadership lacks focus and the firmness, he presented himself for, before coming to power in 2017.

Twene compared the death of George Floyd to that of the people who passed on in Ejura and said that, the President is lucky that, at least, Bawumia had visited the town, else he "would have insulted them proper, as the quick manner in which the President sent a message to celebrate Floyd's memory, should have been the same format, to respond to the killing of his own people."

"Akufo-Addo, Akufo-Addo. How many times have I called you? Now is the time for you to showcase the love you shared when George Floyd was killed. All of the big English about how Black people are treated poorly around the world," Jonas said. "Now, some people who don't deserve to be security personnel attacked people like they were grasscutters. You sought justice for George Floyd and had an event held in his honour. What of the people in the country that you are a leader of?"

He also cited several security mishaps in the country and asserted that, its a reflection of incompetent and irresponsible leadership in the Nana Addo and Bawumia government.

The video titled, "Warm Up on Fufu funu, Akufo Addo, IGP, Asante Regional minister, Shatta Wale, etc. The fooling in Afuommu ho is getting too much. Glass Nkoaa. The system is working 24/7. Hw3 fomm" and has so far grossed over 10,000 reactions and over 6,500 comments, largely in support of his assertions, as found here at Facebook Live | Facebook. (VIDEO)

Twene Jonas also attacked Shatta Wale, who he alleged had been bought a 4x4 by the Nana Addo government, hence, his unwillingness to criticize the government. This comes on the back of his disparaging comments on #FixTheCountry campaigners, whom Shatta described as irresponsible and educated fools, apologizing later on, for these unguarded comments.

He asked Shatta Wale to go and tell her mom and uncles to #FixThemselves and not to tell Ghanaians to do that, as the nation has to be fixed by the government, who are paid and were voted into power, to do that. He insulted Shatta Wale, someone he described as having benefitted severally from the country's coffers and hence, cannot feel the pain and challenges of many Ghanaians, who want a real transformation of their standard of living.

Twene Jonas also raised salient points on nation building, when he shared that, the monies taken from toll booths and from the Covid-19 should be used to develop the country. He was sad that, the Covid-19 Airport fees for Covid-19 tests were going into private pocket. He saw this as foolishness and sickening.

Commentary following his posts, have included the following:

Babs MK writes "God bless homeland Ghana but still you are homeless"

Abdul Mujeeb Dawat writes "Nana Addo just approved first lady and second lady to take salary like cabinet minister. Insult him for me"

Kweku Midy writes "Insult my former boss for me...he chop my salary last months"

Abdul Mujeeb Dawat writes "Please I just dreamt about my girl cheating, please insult her for me so she will come back to me. Abena is her name"

Ben Blay writes "We need u in 2024 presidential candidate"

Lawrence Korang writes "When you come back to Ghana, you'll get a whole region to protect you."

Mohammed Kassim Nation writes "Twene Jonas TV; I wished I could get a hidden place to hide in Ghana here; the way I would have insulted our leaders over here hmmm. But I fear they will kill me"

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