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'Papa No' Brouhaha And NPP NDC 'Gutter Politics' Towards 2020 Elections (Opinion)

Harold Laswell defines politics as, " who gets what, when and how'', and Abraham Lincoln defines democracy as a governance of the people, for the people, and by the people. In a politically democratic dispensation such as Ghana's, can we truly say our politics is towing the lines of the tenets set by these great men?

For the past week or so, two showbiz personalities, Mzbel and Tracey Boakye have been engaged in a quarrel on social media over the love and attention of a rich married man who they refer to as 'Papa No'. This quarrel has gained a lot of attention and it has sparked several rumors, the question many are asking is; who is this ' Papa No' at the center of the quarrel?

Some of the rumors have claimed that the brother of the Former President Mahama, Ibrahim Mahama is at the center of the 'beef' between Mzbel and Tracey. Other people have linked the former president himself to the quarrel. As a result of this, some NPP sympathizers have sought to use these rumors to hurt the campaign of former President Mahama and the NDC. They have been actively promoting the rumors on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages while using the unfounded rumor as a premise for discouraging people from supporting the NDC in the upcoming elections in December.

It is worth emphasizing that these are merely rumors, and none of the two ladies has come out with any proof that indicates that the former president or his brother, is the ' Papa No' they refer to. Because of this, I believe it is totally unacceptable and dishonorable for anyone to try to capitalize on this issue to tarnish the hard-earned image of Candidate Mahama and the party he represents just for political gains. It has been 63 years since Ghana gained Independence, and I think it is past time this type of dishonorable politics, 'gutter politics' , and fallacious propaganda be banished from our democratic discourse.

The actions of these NPP sympathizers initially put certain NDC sympathizers in a defensive mode, however; now they have also decided to retaliate by fighting fire with fire, which is also very condemnable. Certain videos are currently circulating the internet where a man, with similar physical features as President Akufo-Addo, is seen touching a female employee inappropriately. There is no clear indication that the man in the video is President Akufo-Addo but certain NDC sympathizers have taken it upon themselves to propagate the video as a dint on the president's image, as well as a moral disqualification of him as a presidential candidate for the upcoming elections in December.

That is not all, apart from the presidential candidates of the two main political parties, other key figures of the communication teams of the parties like Kojo Oppong- Nkrumah, the current Minister of Information and Sammy Gyamfi, the Director of Communications for the NDC have been dragged in the mess. Preposterous rumors are flying about on social media concerning these two gentlemen as well, in a bid to tarnish their images, and discredit their political parties.

I call for a ceasefire on this manner of 'gutter politics'. It is about time we restore the sanity and decorum in our political environment, we as citizens of this country must engage in politics based on issues, not politics based on propaganda and insults. The growth of our country is stunted because of such deformities in our democracy.

As citizens, we must demand selflessness and accountability from our politicians, not lies and insults! Where has this type of politics gotten us as a country since the democratic 4th Republic began in 1992? We keep on electing incompetent, clueless, lying and corrupt politicians into office every election year. We experience the evidence of their failure yet we make the same mistakes over and over again. When will we stop? When will Ghanaians start voting based on relevant issues such as the performance of the government, the track record of the politicians, the manifesto etc? If we do not do the needful and disregard politics of insults and dishonest propaganda in our nation, we would be the orchestrators of our doom.

I appeal to all Ghanaians who are eligible to vote in the 2020 elections to disregard the lies, rumors and propaganda and rather vote based on issues in the interest of our motherland.

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