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Roads Recently Done In Bad State

The Department of Urban Roads of Ghana has been collecting road inventory and condition survey data for its road development program in all Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) under its jurisdiction to improve the riding quality of the road network. This also aided the choice of intervention measures required and the maintenance needs of the road network.

The New Patriotic Party, made it known to Ghanaians that this very year is the year of road, even though some part of the country have had their share of that. But to my surprise, most of the people who were assigned to make the roads didn't do it well to the satisfaction of most community members. The reason behind what am saying is because I witnessed itself when one of the roads within my vicinity was been done not close to six months but the road has cracks was wondering if the contractor wasn't paid well or he personal decide to do shoddy work.

It about time that we award contracts to people who are qualified and have good records for their job, besides we pay tax and when it been put into use it must be to the satisfaction of all most all.Even though I learned that there is an easy way to destroy an asphalted road. And that is keeping pound fufu for 3 to 4 days and then putting it onto the road, within two days, you will see the road reshaping to its a bad state. I guess that is what some guys have done to that part. Especially those who at first will fill potholes on the road and now that the road has been properly constructed, that is what they will do to go back to work. I have had an encounter with such bad people and this is what they do at night. Individuals in such act must put a stop to such evil attitude it doesn't befit us a country if we want development.

This is Effiakuma's number one new site road, Takoradi of which am talking about am even wonder when the coco villa road will be done during Mahama's time in office he made it known in the green book that is tarred but till now nothing yet.

Roads are important infrastructures that are critical to the socio-economic development of countries. Therefore, the road system demands constant maintenance through continuous assessment coupled with real-time repairs to keep them serviceable.

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