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Manasseh’s ‘Beard Of Wisdom’ : Four Choices That Can Make Or Unmake Kissi Adjabeng

Like it or not, the new Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng is the only appointee for the office that many had expressed optimizing of succeeding in a rather tempting yet frustrating work. After his swearing-in, Mr. Kissi Agyebeng assumes office to persecute the work for which he had been assigned to; thus, investigate and prosecute public officials involved in various forms of corruption in the country.

As a second officer appointed to the Office of the Special Prosecutor, Ghanaians are reminded of the lamentations of his predecessor, Martin Amidu who resigned from duty over a personal conflict with his beliefs and practice to some alleged political subterfuge. His competence has been commendable yet the person as being impartial is yet to be tested.


It is for which reason, a colleague of his, Manasseh Azure Awuni has raised some words of a caution to his conduct of the office. The wisdom is his carefully written letter to Mr. Agyebeng is impeccable.


Manasseh underscored the confidence that he, and Ghanaians have in him despite the unjustified critique about his age to be a limitation to his function in the new office. But for him the task ahead is more of a character, integrity and impartiality.

He argued that there is no saint fit for the job but trust that Mr. Agyebeng wards off any greed, selfishness and immorality that could cloud his judgement about his obligation to the nation.


“We cannot get an angel to occupy any office. But whoever gets into a public office of trust, can decide to act right or swim with the immoral, greedy and selfish tide that has washed our nation to the miserable shores of poverty, deprivation and hopelessness.”


Then, he came with some five choices which the Special Prosecutor may need to take going forward, the consequence of which will determine if Ghanaians can trust him for the job. Manasseh remarked that Mr. Agyebeng has a choice to serve the interest of the people or that to the president and the government.


“You have a choice to be like Domelevo and risk being hounded out of office or to sit and complain and give excuses.


“You have a choice to use this position to prove those who doubt you wrong or give the we-told-you-so naysayers an opportunity to gloat,” he added.


Manasseh indicated that the Special Prosecutor could chose to be a hero in the history of the country or descend with mess of a ‘failing state.’


“You have a choice to write Kissi Agyebeng in the glorious chapters of Ghana's history or have that name consigned to the ignoble footnotes of a failing state,” he remarked.

He wished him well and urged him to hold the fortress against persistent persecution from those who feel threatened by his work.


“It will be difficult. It will be dangerous. You will be targeted and persecuted. Maligned and attacked, if you want to do this work well. But it will be worth your while to give it a try.”

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