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Sometimes The Person You Want To Take The Bullet For, Is The Same Behind The Trigger-Hopeson Adorye

Hopeson Adorye's post on Facebook some hours ago seems to suggest that the man is disappointed in whoever he believes to be fighting for. Reading meanings into his post, it is evident that the gentleman feels unappreciated and dejected for all the sacrifices he has made.

The utterance of the former Parliamentary aspirant for Kpone Katamanso caused raged among the party faithful and many were disgusted and scandalized by what is described as 'unguarded.' By labeling the political descendants of Simon Diedong Dombo as second fiddle to Presidential candidates, the party's staunch member derogated Northerners.

This assertion contradicts the Danquah-Busia-Dombo-tradition and core values of respect, unity, and coexistence for the party stands for. This statement was made on Saturday during the health walk organized to show their unflinching allegiance to Alan Kyeremanteng.

Many have called on the Alan campaign team to punish Hopeson by relegating him and scouting for a more reasonable, vibrant, and disciplined person to carry on with the exercise till the flag bearer is elected. It is believed Alan, the Presidential aspirant has issued a response.

The Facebook update on his wall reads "sometimes the person you want to take the bullet for, is the same behind the trigger. Life Is not fair." Does it mean he is disappointed in his boss or is this in any way a response to Alan Kyeremanteng? 

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