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See Why American Prostitutes Are Scared Of Kamala Harris, The New Vice President of America

Kamala Harris a few days ago became the first black vice president in the history of the United States of America. She is also the first woman to do so after Joe Biden's victory in the election against President Donald Trump.

 Beyond all the glory and history of Harris is the fear of shouting down s * x workers in the world's oldest democratic state. Her record caused her fears when she was a San Francisco-based district lawyer and a California attorney general.

 Those critics included s * x workers 'rights advocates, who have been vocal about Harris' aggressive approach to community policing and the perceived flip-flops of the community. in terms of decriminalization.

 From his days as a district lawyer, Harris has a reputation as an antagonist of s * x workers.

 In 2008, she opposed the voice of Prop K, a ballot measure intended to decriminalize prostitution in San Francisco. She described Prop K as "completely rusty," arguing that he had issued a "welcome rug for pimps and prostitutes to enter San Francisco."

 As a general lawyer, Harris was also active in directing the lawsuit against, a website that hosted classified ads and was used by many defenders - and, a according to s * x staff, a platform used as a resource for monitoring messages and keeping themselves safe.

 The vice president was reportedly charged with a number of allegations against site owners in 2016, including money laundering, pimping, and conspiracy to commit pimping.

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