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Kwesi Pratt descends on the African Union

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Comrade Kwesi Pratt Jnr. has expressed his shock on the way the African Union have always remained silence on the way the foreign powers treats some African leaders. 

Speaking on the current happenings in Libya; on the topic ‘Stability Still Eludes in Libya…10 years after Gadafi’s death’, Kwesi Pratt Jr. said, the objectives of the foreign powers is to make sure they destabilize Libya, and the rest of the African countries in order to take control of their resources.

According to him “if the West…the Capitalist States, are to control the resources of Libya, and explore the resources of Libya, for the sole purpose of fattening the bank accounts of multi-national companies, then Libya has to be where it is”. 

He added that, from the very beginning, the objective of these Foreign Powers is to make Libya dependant….”from the very beginning, the objective is to make ensure that the Libyan could not be in the position to control them”.

Mr. Pratt again stated that, these ‘so called’ Western Powers successfully removes African leaders like Laurent Gbagbo of Côte d'Ivoire, Colonel Gaddafi of Libya, and others, in other to take control over the resources of those countries. And they did all these “right under the nose of the so called African Union, who did not even cough about these blatant attempt to subvert African Nations”. 

“The overthrow of Gaddafi…his killing and the imposition on flight zone and so on…what did the African Union do in other to protect the interest of the African people…nothing”, Kwesi Pratt asked.

Speaking on Pan African TV’s Programs “Good Morning African”, on 21 October 2021, Mr. Pratt again said: “can you imagine, that AU that has refused to grant membership the Haiti, the first African or black republic in the world, and yet the AU has granted observer status to Israel…what is this AU about”? 

Mr. Pratt Jnr. Who is the Managing Editor of the Insight News Paper again said, that the African Union has failed the African people.

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