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Nana Deserves More Praises for Being The Next After Nkrumah to Build Many Factories to Create Jobs

The standard against which Ghanaians normally measure the performance of a president of the republic is against the first president of the land, Osagefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. The man whose name connotes vision, success, and ambition still has the footprints of his accolades printed in the economy of the country. The Tema Motorway, 37 Military Hospital, the Tema Township, and the Akosombo Dam are but a tiny fraction of the achievement of the first president of the land that set Ghanaian reminiscing about his tenure as the head of state.

Nkrumah raised the bar of governance and success so high that his critics rarely have words to point to any iota of flows in his administration. Nkrumah's achievements cut across all sectors of the economy, but one area where stands out is his industrialization drive.

Nkrumah established several companies that did not provide jobs for only Ghanaians, but people on the continent as well. Among the many factories he built were Kumasi Shoe Factory, Tarkwa Bonsa Factory, Kade Match Factory, Saltpond Ceramics, Saltpond Ceramics, Tema Food Complex, Takoradi Paper Mill, Glass Factory at Aboso, and many others. 

It has been the craving of Ghanaians to have a president replicate this agenda to help curb the unemployment rates which are becoming rife over time. Governments, since the second republic, have done bits and pieces of activities to revamp the agenda of industrialization, but all those initiatives do not see the light of day.

However, the One District One Factory initiative of the country looks like a replica of Nkrumah's vision. Though not all the district has had operational factories as of yet, there are a lot of those projects dotted around some districts in the country. Completed projects under the 1d1f include Kasapreko in Tanoso, watermelon factory in Walewale, Lk International- Tamale, and close to some hundred others which are also operational.

So with all these achievements in industrialization, is Nana Addo the Nkrumah Ghana's have been crying for since 1966? 

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