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Bahrain’s Prime Minister dies at age 84

The kingdom of Bahrain is sovereign state in the Persian Gulf. It is an Island nation which is made up of 40 natural Island’s and some 51 artificial Islands.

Prince Khalifa, the world’s longest serving prime minister who took office in 1971 after Bahrain gained independence. He’s come under criticism by many as being an extremist. During his reign, the government banned all independent media from operating in the country, dissolved all opposition groups, and sought to silence online criticism. 

 He has been reported to have died while receiving treatment in the United States of America. 

   His demise came in the time where Bahrain was forming cordial ties with countries like Israel. The decisions and policies that will be adopted by his successor will go a long way to determine the Island state’s international relations and how open the country will be to the idea of democracy.

    Many prominent people and Presidents  including the prime minister of Israel have poured in condolences to Prince Khalifa Al Khalifa, the longest serving prime in the world.

    Who succeeds him? Is his successor going to adopt and friendly approach to international relations and democracy?


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