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'Twene Jonas Junior' has been Found at Mankessim in the Central Region

A young man known as Richard Atiako, who has decided to follow the footsteps of Twene Jonas has been spotted at Mankessim in the Central Region, creating awareness on the bad road infrastructure in the area.

Twene Jonas rose to fame when he began to showcase the good things in the Western word, specifically the United States, and challenge or leaders to take decisions that will relieve the plights of citizens. Many people have applauded his innovation, since they believe he bas been enlightening the youth. However, the young man has been raining insults on our leaders and I believe that must stop. One should be able to critiscize and raise important concerns without resoring to insults and name callings.

Richard Atiako, though took inspiration from Twene Jonas, does not include insults in his work. This I believe must be commended. He through his live videos seek to bring to the attention of our leaders and the citizens the challenges we are facing so as to seek solution to them.

In his latest video, he is seen on the Mankessim to Assin Fosu highway. One can notice that the state of the road is nothing to write home about. The sad thing is that, that stretch has been in that deplorable state for many years, but nothing seems to concern the authorities in charge.

It is hard to believe that the area boasts of a municipal chief executive, a member of parliament, assembly members and many other government appointees, but the road that connects many food producing areas to the Mankessim Market has been left unattended to for many years.

The surprising thing about this while issue is that there is a huge quarry on that route, that could have supplied materials for the construction of that road, but plyers of that stretch of road still smear themselves with mud and dust. I remember just last year was declared 'Year of Roads.' What became of it? Many of the road constructions that began prior to the 2020 elections have been halted, and only God knows when work will resume.

We hope and pray that we will have a change of mind and do things that will ensure the growth and development of our dear nation. Please drop your views in the comments section.


Content created and supplied by: HenryArko (via Opera News )

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