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Akuffo Addo was not supposed to make Today a holiday: Ghana is wasting time and chance.(Opinion)

Until Ghana corrects some basic mistakes that she makes every year, Ghana will continue to lose a lot. Ghana with this pace of development needs more time to work harder in order to be able to be self reliant. It is not appropriate for a 64-year old nation to still depend on the benevolence of Western countries to finance her economy.

Yes Ghana indeed obtained Independence some 64 years ago from the British. The fundamental principles of the Independence were meant for Ghana to stand on its own and challenge other sovereign States in terms of development and progress. For all these years, Ghana is still underdeveloped and needs not give "unnecessary" holidays.

Before the invasion of the novel Corona virus, holidays were given for Ghanaians to celebrate the Independence day and still get sometime to rest and continue with our usual routine.

And now, in the presence Corona where no mingling is allowed and movement is controlled, a statement from the presidency indicated that they were not going to be any celebrations for this year's Independence owing to the covid-19 pandemic. However, this same statement refused to scrape the the unnecessary holiday which is today. Because nobody is going anywhere to celebrate the Independence, there was no need to give a holiday.

It was a waste of time and chance since Students who are the future of this country did not go to obtain knowledge and workers did go their work places to increase productivity. This may look negligible but it is costing us a lot as a nation.

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