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Joe Biden isn't your friend - Get a life (Opinion)

So those of you who congratulated Joe Biden on his victory as the next President of America, and made his pic your dp on WhatsApp and Facebook, pls has he replied you, did he even see it? do you even belong to his world? Will he also congratulate you if you chalk success? You're are growing that how you'll continue to live your life? How many times do you want me to educate you about some basic life principles as Counsellor Daniel Fenyi.

Just last week, your own friend started a business, got married, graduated, succeeded at something, but you never congratulated or shared their posts. Meanwhile, from Mensakrom where you live, you're congratulating Joe Biden in America. Do you even know him? Does he know you? Have you met before? If you call him on phone, will he pick? He doesn't belong to your world. Learn to be smarter than that. Focus on building a strong network of a world for yourself and stop the social media wandering.

On social media, your friends are Donald Trump, Bill gate, Joe Biden, Gifty Anti, Sarkodie, Shatta Wale. You comment and share all their posts. None of them has any personal connection with you. In fact, they don't even need you. Your life doesn't affect them in anyway. They will not pick your call, carry you to the hospital, like or share your posts. Meanwhile, in real life, your friends are Yakubu, Araba, Kofi, Mensah, Yaa. But, you have ignored them. You don't share, like or comment on their posts. They are your world but you don't even respect them.

Life is not social media oo, chaley. Life is real. Learn to value, appreciate and acknowledge the people around you now. Learn to support the people in your life today. In 10/15years, some of them will also become great. Grow with them. It's fine if you don't have a sarkodie, Joe Biden, Trump or Stonebwoy in your contacts now. Don't act like they're your buddies. Grow with those around you. They're the future, and by then, they'll be your friends too. That's life.

Thank you,

Counsellor Daniel Fenyi.

Content created and supplied by: KwameSarpey (via Opera News )

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