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Netizens React, As Felix Kwakye Ofosu BLASTS H. E Nana Addo Over This Seeming Hypocrisy. DETAILS

Felix Kwakye Ofosu in an emphatic firing of the current President of the country, H. E Nana Addo, has called out the seeming hypocrisy f the president, as according to him, he says A and literally does B, a clear case of inconsistency in ones principles verses actions.

In the post, he writes that:

"I have been reading excerpts of the President’s Eid speech delivered on Tuesday in which he made some strange claims. As usual, there was a complete mismatch between his words and his measurable actions.

He waxed lyrical about the need to avoid incendiary language which has the potential to stoke conflict citing the Rwandan imbroglio to buttress his point. Even if we were to overlook the President’s own incendiary language in the recent past a la “all die be die”, ”atiwa y3 kyir3 bribi kakra”, among others, there is a lot of evidence that once again, he doesn’t mean what he says.

He has just rewarded the man who has delivered the most incendiary rhetoric under the fourth republic, Kennedy Agyapong, with a plum job as Board Chair of the Ghana Gas Board and the Chairmanship of Parliament’s Defense and Interior Committee. This is a man who once actually called on one ethnic group to attack other ethnic groups.

How can a man be against incendiary language and engage in and reward same? As for his other claim that he has ushered in the best period of media freedoms, that is straight away blown apart by the fact that he has the unenviable record of being the first and only President, in the fourth republic to target major opposition radio stations for closure using flimsy criteria that should have resulted in the closure of known pro NPP stations as well," he wrote.

The comments following his post, have included the following:

Owusu Ansah Kwabena writes "I have being wondering how you became a deputy minister with respect! You need to change your style of politics. I have being following you for sometime now, and it seems you are not growing up. Change your style because it is becoming obsolete in our contemporary politics."

Felix Kwakye Ofosu replied "Owusu Ansah Kwabena your style of thinking is what needs to change. You can’t contribute meaningfully to a discussion with facts to counter what has been said."

Doma Yela Numbu writes "This president has shown several times, without number that the only times he speaks for applause is when he has a prepared speech. When he doesn't have one, he is a complete disaster. The examples include teachers can't be millionaires, all die be die, women must struggle for a seat on the table etc were all said without a speech. What worries me is how he can't reject a speech on grounds that they don't represent his personality. Good Day!"

Francis Oremus Appiah writes "What has been ur contribution to this country aside being a deputy Minister and social media compare to KENNEDY AGYAPONG..?? Come Again Young Man!!!"

Franklin Cobbina writes "Our President simply doesn't mean what he says, he only does most of the things does as a president just for formality purposes. No wonder he is called KWEKU, the first name of the PROVERBIAL Spider. If you know, you know!"

Prince Henry writes "Justice to the issues with facts, fearless and fair to the subject matters regardless of the angle it hits, That is the man Kennedy Agyapong. Like him or hate him he is always very relevant and very impactful in the politics and socio economic development of Ghana Like it or not his principles remains Ghana first” U can’t beat him he is fit and ideal for the tasks given him. Always bleeding with needless post"

Dengba Yin writes "Those who do not have the interest of this country at heart will always support their mother serpent of corruption. Felix, don't waste your time replying them."

Nash Abdul writes "You are more incendiary in writing Felix Kwakye Ofosu . Kindly go through what you have written, vis-à-vis what the President said. The President spoke against it, you have come here reminding about the past which even is opinion based, and by that you attacked the President with words and all sorts. Who then are you? More incendiary?"

Francis Fosah Boahen writes "The problem with this president is that he has not developed the competence to hold those he loves to established standard of behavior. I hope Ghana never gets any president like the current one again."

Asante Harrison writes "I think it's high time the state stop giving that big money I mean salary of a deputy minister to the staffs of ex president and allow them to choose from their favourite civil servants, to manage their office so, that, we will be save from this lazy boys who just sit on social media to criticize, insults and get paid the salary of a deputy minister."

Boakye Ansah Kwame writes "Why do politicians brand positions of service as a "reward". Someone has been "rewarded " with a position. Is it my understanding of the English language that is wrong or, something is off here? If the intent is to serve your country well, why describe it as a reward?"

Prekoh Abeam writes "It's not a wonder anymore, because even when the left hand is holding a tape, the right hand cuts something else very close to the left hand. Nothing is amazing about our President any longer"

Kwasi K Koranteng writes "Felix...if you were a State Prosecutor Nsawam Prisons will be empty .. even when you have a Good case will embellish it with untruths and make the Defence counsel punch holes and Get away. Akufo Addo rewarded Ken Agyapong with the chairmanship of Defense and interior committee !?? There nor .... the Any Judge will strike out your evidence and case .. even though you might have a good case .. My little advice is it is better to have 2 water tight evidence than carry 10 evidence with 7 faulty ones ..."

Stanislaus Kuusoyir writes "Felix, the alike of the president and the beneficiaries of this rot government will continue to attack the truth, not you. Please don't waste time on them."

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