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Revealed:Captain Smart shows fat monies paid to politicians as Ex-gratia including public officers

Democracy practiced here in Africa seems to be a scam. It just offers a few out of the multitudes an opportunity to share the majority food so that the minority will become beggars.

In Ghana's Parliament, legislators only disagree when they have to do their work for those who elected them and agree when it is time to discuss ex-gratia. Politicians are stealing and milking this country dry through their own set of laws for the masses to obey.

The current Ex-gratia remuneration is bad and must be fought. How on earth would a struggling economy like ours, pay huge monies to people who have served for just some few years. It should be abolished with immediate effect because the inequality is too much. How much are teachers, police, and nurses paid after retirement having served for several decades?

Captain Smart shared the above sentiment this morning on his show and he made serious revelations about the huge monies paid to public office holders and politicians in the name of Ex-gratia. He raised the issue and sought to question the legality of payment of ex-gratia every four years to these groups of people.

Surprisingly, politicians have included judges in the list to create the impression that they are also involved. Captain disproved it by saying "Politicians are bad people and judges are not given ex gratia but retirement package." While the majority of people wallow in abject poverty, the political class together with their families enjoy an abundance of wealth daily.

His concluding words were " we have all of these monies, yet still go to IMF, that is an absurdity and it must be abolished."

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