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Notable history of the most populated ethnic group in Ghana

The Akan is a meta- ethinicity living in the southern regions of present-day Ghana, formerly known as the Gold coast Akans who migrated from ghana also make up the plurality of the ethnic population in ivory coast. The Akan language (also known as Twi/Fante) is a group of dialects within the central tano branch of the potu tano of the Niger community.

This ethnic group is the largest group in ghana they are estimated to 17 million of the population in ghana. They comprises of subdivision of variou tribes which include the Fantes, tge Kwahu, The Akuapem, Ashantes, the Akwamu, Bono, Wasa etc.

Akan culture can also be found in the Americas, where a number of Akans were taken as captives. Roughly ten percent of all slave ships which embarked from the Gold Coast contained Akan people. The primary source of wealth in the Akan economy was gold. However, the capture and sale of Akan people peaked during the Fante and Ashanti conflicts (as both sold many of their captives as prisoners of war). Akan conflicts led to a high number of military captives, known as coromantee being sold into slavery. The Coromantee soldiers and other Akan captives were notorious for various slave revolts and plantation resistance tactics. These captives were feared throughout America.Their legacy is evident within groups such as the Maroons of the Caribbean and South America.

They have well notable people which includes Dr kwame nkrumah the first president of the Republic of ghana, kofi Annan the first black man to heard the united nation.

The Akan ethnic group normally name their sons and daughters after the days of the week. Examples are kwame saturday, Kwasi sunday, keadwo monday, kofi thursday this are the names of male.

Precisely the also have Akosua as monday, Ama as saturday, Adwoa as monday born. Indeed the Akan group is the well notable and populated ethnic group in ghana.

Writer: Emmanuel Mensah Moyes, Valley View University Accra Ghana.

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