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The Main Reason Why Dumsor Is still A Problem In Ghana- Know It Today

Per the recent or should I say current situation of frequent power cuts in the country, we are all in a state of unrest_ we can’t help but worry about the fact that a power cut is very imminent. This really is proving to be a problem, former President John Dramani Mahama’s government had tried to alleviate the issue of the occurrence of a problematic kind of pressure on the grid system by “ Load-shedding”_ the deliberate rationing of power to relieve pressure on the grid and prevent a complete collapse. Unfortunately, the situation had gone out of hand and became something that happened on a daily basis, what was thought of as a solution had now metamorphosed into a problem called “ DUMSOR”. Presently, it seems the current government also intends using the same approach in dealing with the issue of pressure on the grid system. Now the Energy Minister is to be summoned in order to explain the turn out of events. There comes a very important question, is this going to solve the problem? You just reason it out for a minute and ask yourself, what at all is the cause of this problem we face in relation to energy consumption? I happened to read something on the web specifically “ Quora”_ a question was asked regarding why the USA did not experience frequent power cuts. An electrical engineer by name Loring Chien happened to give an answer which possessed the potential of remedying this “ DUMSOR” problem of ours. He said, “ In the USA, power generation is usually done by private utility companies with public oversight. We have relatively good planning brought on by the desire to make a profit for these companies. Public regulatory committees approve planning and rates to make sure that they can make a reasonable profit and have enough supply to meet demand. Publicly traded (e.g. stock market) utility companies have been known as a stable investment for solid returns". Now, to the part of his response which I believe contains the solution to our problem_ Loring continued saying, ”In other countries, I suspect India is the comparative subject here, the utility industry as I understand is fraught with corruption and special interests. A large amount of power is lost to theft; when no one is paying for it, it is hard to make a profit and if you are not making a profit you are not going to invest in new plants to meet demand. Are the utility company government owned? Do politics play a part? I believe there are special interest groups that get subsidized power. Is there a will to pay for adequate power or do people complain about the unreliability of power for which they do not pay? A sense of national ethics is at work. As long as a large portion of people think its OK to steal power, and corruption is rampant, then The power system will be weak and crash prone. I don’t know what you happened to have derived from the engineer’s words, but I for one believe strongly that the problem which the electrical engineer describes as India’s is very much the same as Ghana’s and we know just what to do to set things right.

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Dumsor Ghana- John Dramani Mahama Loring Chien


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