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NDC National Organiser Hopeful accuses Nana B of hypocrisy over GRA rants

The introduction of the Electronic Vat system by the Ghana Revenue Authority , the failure of various companies to comply to and action implore my the G R A task force in the enforcement of this mode of collecting tax has made ways in the various news article with people sharing their opinions on it .

Hon Henry Osei Akoto the national organizer hopeful for the opposition party NDC has accused Henry Nana Boakye the national organizer for the ruling New Patriotic Party of exhibiting hypocrisy over the issue.

This was after Nana B via his Facebook sent his opinion about the 

condemning the action of G R A .

In a post he said "I have been following the activities of Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) in recent times in their efforts to maximize revenue mobilization and I want to point out one major challenging revenue mobilization strategy employed by the authority in some parts of the country including Kumasi.

G R A has stationed its officers at shops, restaurants and other businesses to record sales of products for tax purposes. Reports say traders in Adum, Kumasi have closed their shops in protest against this obnoxious move by G R A.

This strategy would have be justified only if it was targeted at businesses that ample evidence shows have been evading or under -declaring their taxes.

But in my candid opinion, this widespread approach’ of stationing revenue officers at business is counterproductive, oppressive, repressive and suppressive. We are not in normal times - businesses and individuals are bearing the brunt of the twin global crisis and their concomitant economic agony - and the least expected from G R A is to police traders whom no tax evasion findings have been made against.

In this day of technology, G R A should adopt welcoming and pleasant ways of revenue collections strategy that engenders revenue assurance. This strategy is weak and lame since Revenue Officers stationed at these shops and businesses can be compromised to aid owners to evade or under - declare their taxes. G R A should rather strive to reduce human contact in revenue collection and employ technological solutions to take taxes from businesses.

Lastly, the communication department or Public Relations unit of G R A appears dead. Paying taxes is not a pleasant thing and for that matter, responsive PR approach must be adopted to educate the tax paying population of their programmes and activities".

Hon Henry Osei Akoto via his Twitter replied the National organizer for the N P P should have seek redress to this challenge if he cares rather than acting hypocritically .

The national organizer hopeful Henry Osei Akoto advised Nana B to wake his sleeping president and the economic Messiah Bawumia .

In the twit " As a National Organiser of the ruling party, Nana B could have talked to authorities in government if he cared so much about the challenges of the Kumasi traders.

Instead, he chooses a hypocritical holier than thou social media rant against the G R A.

That is poor leadership.

Nana B doesn't care about the Kumasi traders, he is only pretending to care because of votes.

In any case, who appoints the head of the G R A?

If Nana B cares about Kumasi businesses, he should talk to his sleepy President and Bawumia" he said .

The G R A have closed down shops in Accra and Kumasi over failure to activate this new means of tax collection.

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