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Time For Bawumia To Do Sincere and Somber Reflection For Akufo-Addo Has Let Him Down

Sincerely, if I were in Dr. Bawumia’s situation, I would be doing a lot of sober and solemn reflections. Nana took an innocent technocrat from our Central Bank and transmogrified him into one of the most talking politicians Ghana has ever seen. He is used him to do all the dirty jobs there are to do in politics. He is used him to amplify all the fanciful talks, promises and rhetorics he and the NPP designed to deceive Ghanaians. He is used him to get his first and second terms, never mind the shameless rigging that went into the last elections.

Now it is the man’s turn to want to lead the NPP in order to attempt a very hard quest to lead Ghana and Nana Addo with the likes of Ken and Ursula do everything that makes Dr. Bawumia’s dreams tougher by the day. He is seen to be no different from Nana Addo and hated as much as him or even more, yet Nana Addo takes decisions that catastrophically hit his Veep’s ambition more. A man who sacrificed so much for Nana Addo on his agenda to deceive our nation is being rewarded in such a cold manner by the President and some of his assigns. 

For Dr. Bawumia, it is too late to go back to the Central Bank but if I were him, rather than focus his time on a certain outmoded strategy of attacking and disrespecting H. E. John Dramani Mahama, I would bite the bullet and reposition myself in a manner that convinces Ghanaians that I am not the same as Nana Akufo Addo and that i have repented for all the things that he is used me for; no matter the cost. 

That way, Ghanaians might sympathize with him; else, they’ll continue to vent every splin targeted at Nana Addo on him.  I am so sad for the man. Nana Addo is not fair but it is worth remembering that JM prophesied that he would be used and dumped.

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