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Cherish Your Life And Step Away From The Finance Ministry - Kevin Taylor Tells Ken Ofori Atta

Earlier this week, it was highly speculated on social media that Ken Ofori Atta has resigned as the Minister of Finance, but the Finance Ministry has come out with a statement debunking the speculations that Ken Ofori Atta has resigned from his position.

The CEO of Loud Silence Media, Kevin Ekow Baido Taylor, has indicated that if Ken Ofori Atta cherishes his life, he should step away from the Finance Ministry and concentrate on his health.

Kevin Taylor made this statement on his 'With All Due Respect' program yesterday when he reacted to the statement from the Finance Ministry debunking the speculations of the resignation of Ken Ofori Atta.

According to Kevin Taylor, Ken Ofori Atta has done his part as an individual, so he should let someone take over the Finance Ministry for him to go and take care of his health.

He indicated that the job that Ken Ofori Atta has taken upon himself is very stressful, and it is not advisable to be taking this stress as the Finance Minister and still try to treat himself.

"Ken Ofori Atta, if you step away as the Finance Minister, what will happen to you? Don't you cherish your life? What at all is at the Finance Ministry that you don't want to step away? You came to serve the country, and along the way, your health has gone bad, so step away and get it treated." 

Kevin Taylor said that Ken Ofori Atta has told us that the economy is perfect and recovering from the coronavirus pandemic. He has told us that he doesn't even take salaries, so basically, he is sacrificing his life for this nation, and it has gotten to that point that his health cannot allow him to continue, so if he has not done anything wrong or trying to cover things up, why wouldn't he leave the office when he is not healthy?

Kevin Taylor added that If Ken Ofori Atta is not healthy, he cannot make decisions that will help this nation. So, he should step away to concentrate on getting his health back.


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