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Flashback Video: After Disgracing The Country, What Happened To Him?

Ghana may never progress because the persons who demand change are the same individuals who are destroying the country via their inept behavior. The politicians may not be delivering on their promises, but if change is to occur, it must begin with ordinary folks. Take, for example, the Madina Overhead. They are the same folks who, after putting pressure on the government to build an overhead for them, are moaning that it is too long and that they will not use it because its too lengthy.

People crossing the road right below the bridge is quite upsetting. In Ghana, what kind of individuals are we dealing with? Do we need military to control us before we can do the right thing? People litter almost every corner of the country with plastic garbage and other environmentally damaging products.

Even if the government provided 100 million dustbins around the country, someone would still litter the environment.

Many people in the country are guilty when it comes to sanitation. Two grown ladies dumped trash in the rain over the past two years, oblivious to the fact that their actions could clog gutters and create flooding. When the latter occurs, they will be the same people who will have the bravery to petition the government for assistance in front of cameras.

They cause financial lost to the state, disgraced the entire nation to neighboring countries and they would the same people to blame the government for not doing its work well. The law of the country must be inforced to the highest level else, the country would still spend millions of money to put things in order but would never yield any results.

After the video went viral on Facebook, these women were detained, but they should have been used as scapegoats to dissuade others from doing the same. We can all agree that the country's sanitation is lacking. If we are to see change, we must begin with ourselves.

Watch video here

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