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NDC Executives In Sekyere Afram Plains Curses NPP for busing non residents to registration Centers

The Executeive individuals from National Democratic Congress have cursed people from the choice New Patriotic Party over a certified shipping of minors to enrollment centers in the Sekyere Afram Plains District of the Ashanti Region.

 Ina declaration imitated to, Mr Abdul Kabore, casting a ballot open exchanges authority of the NDC expressed: 

"The NDC has seen with grave concern that the restless anyway laziest DCE who needs to divert into a person from parliament has imported people from Agogo, Kumawu, Kwaman, Nsuta, Mampong, etc to come and register in Drobonso. These people, most of whom are understudies and teachers are stowing endlessly at the ICT center, instructors quarters, Odenkyem house and various homes of a bit of the body electorate heads and assembling troopers." 

It is represented regardless, that, a couple of understudies the social event met yielded they were imported and given GHS 500.00 each by the District Chief Executive. 

Scrutinize full clarification underneath: 


The course of action of new voter register is in its day four today. 

The National Democratic Congress, Sekyere Afram Plains Constituency has observed some upsetting enhancements in the supporters which we should bring to the thought of experts and the general populace totally free. 

Ladies and men of their assertion, the NDC has since the absolute first second made its circumstance on the social affair of another voter register known. Our protection from the movement includes open data. The ascent of Covid 19 and its suffering shows is adequate to choose a reasonable individual annulment his decision of social event a voter register paying little heed for their potential benefit. 

This isn't relevant to Nana Addo government and his minister for re-arrangement Jean Adokwei Mensah. 

The NDC has seen that the covid 19 shows are absent in most of the enlistment places in the Sekeyere Afram Plains body electorate which are not interesting corresponding to the country over per our information. Whiles most of the people are not in nose cover, social evacuating isn't viewed. 

Directly the Sekeyere Afram Plains area has no example of covid as our single reported case has totally recovered. Regardless, with the moving in of registrants, we have no inquiries in our cerebrums that the democratic open will record new occasions of the pandemic and just like the Ghana Medical Association point by point, we will hold Jean Mensah, Nana Akuffo Addo and Hon. Joseph Owusu (DCE) definitively skilled. 

Going before the start of the action, NPP specialists had alert a couple of us and we have them on record that what happened at Ayawaso West Wuogon a year prior will repeat itself in our venerated tranquil democratic open. It as such didn't stun us when men in police uniform hopped on guiltless inhabitants provoking the hospitalization of some of them. what was their bad behavior? They tried to challenge non inhabitants as by chosen laws develop. 

Elsewhere in the Volta Region, we read that security work power are catching suspected non occupants who attempt to enroll. Nevertheless, in our condition, security workforce are fairly brutalizing people who challenge non occupants. 

We thank our Regional Chairman, Nana Kwasi and his gathering for intervening in a flash. We are peppy the regional security facilitator has helped his course of action to recollect Ex President Mahama's qoute, "review that your dedication is to the state and not an ideological gathering or figure. 

The people you experience are the very people under whose power you wear your respected outfits. The administration official who send you to undermine and brutalize your individual Ghanaians won't be there for each situation aside from your obligation to holiness of the state is perpetual. I energize you thusly not to transform into the instrument by which the benefits of irreproachable Ghanaians are mauled. Recollect that there is reliably every day of obligation and that any abuse you subject to or license to be presented to your related inhabitant, will be needy upon examination in the near future" and moreover making them careful the adage of the police is Service with Integrity and not unlawful seriousness. 

The NDC has seen with grave concern that the restless yet laziest DCE who needs to divert into a person from parliament has imported people from Agogo, Kumawu, Kwaman, Nsuta, Mampong, etc to come and register in Drobonso. These people, an enormous part of whom are understudies and teachers are concealing at the ICT center, educators quarters, Odenkyem house and various homes of a bit of the democratic open authorities and get-together troopers. 

A part of the understudies we met surrendered that they were imported in by the DCE through the body electorate directors and noted individuals, to come and register and vote in Drobonso. They said they were given GHS 500.00 each for dealing with. That littler than anticipated vehicles were engineered to pass on them from their various associations to and fro Drobonso. The understudies revealed that they have been ensured awards and another GHS 500.00 in case they go up to rule for Hon. Joseph Owusu, the DCE and NPP parliamentary up-and-comer. 

We have no issue if Odenkyem decide to give out money to outcasts to select and rule for him since he will be vanquished as his two investigates have illustrated. Regardless, we are worried that that money won't indigenous inhabitants of Drobonso yet untouchables. He has people supporting him yet they go hungry whiles money is spent on non-indigenes. What does he need NPP supporters in Drobonso who didn't benefit by his aloofness to feel? Superfluous and futile clearly. 

We thus ask all NPP supporters to know very well the man Odenkyem and vote against him as a control for giving money which could had reinforced them in this problematic chance to outcasts. 

Likewise, we have explained that our DCE is the laziest among all MMDCEs in Ghana. Is it our headway sponsors that he is using to ship and import votes? 

Finally, it will be audited that on Friday, 26th June 2020, a social affair of irritated occupants of Drobonso invoked the powers of River Drobon and its conceding conduits to rebuke any non inhabitant and non inhabitant of Sekeyere Afram Plains who will attempt to enroll in the democratic open. The NDC totally related itself to this showing. 

We have to exhort everyone that the berate is still in power as against speculations that it has been deactivated. We thusly bolster all who should risk their live by coming to enroll in Drobonso or wherever in the fields to goodbye their families when they are coming. The powers of the conduit divine creatures are not for jokes. We ready that by development organizers of this unlawful exhibition are not spared in the conjuring of the powers of the conduit divine creatures so better admonishment yourself, your wards, your family before is past the final turning point.

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