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Of What Use Is 'Fix The Country' When We All Lose Our Lives? Stay Home, Covid 19 Is Real

Who makes up a country? Is it the dead or the living? These are the kind of questions we should continuously ask ourselves before we move out from our various homes to the street and shout for a President residing in his mansion relaxing and enjoying with his family to listen and respond to your plea in the face of death.

This article might seem silly to people who are massively preparing to go out on the 4th of August to demonstrate, but whatever that that is written here is the fact.

Of what use is demonstration and almost everyone out there life is at risk? If it's not you going out tomorrow for the #FiXtheCountry# demonstration then it's going to be your mother, your father, your son, your friend or your neighbor.

In this time of Covid 19 where several lives have been lost and numerous people have been infected with Coronavirus. In Ghana, over 100,000 people have been infected and over 820 people have lost their lives to Covid 19.

It hasn't been long when the President came out telling us about how fast the virus has been spreading but it seems Ghanaians want to lose their lives for stones and other none living things to live in the country.

It is likely for everyone of us to be infected with the virus, your friends and family members who attend the demonstration are likely to bring the virus home and that doesn't save you either.

If we are determined to fix our country or want the President to fix the country then let us use the right channel to fix the country. Let's fix the country at the right time and the right way, going out tomorrow will only increase our misery.

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