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Majority of NDC agents couldn't spell their names - Lord Hamah

Lord Hamah is a controversial activist in Ghana's politics. He is well known as controversial person when it comes to politics.

Mr Lord Hamah has dropped another controversial statement concerning the out come of the December 2020 election. According to Mr Lord Hamah, majority of the NDC agents couldn't write their names during the December 2020 election. Signing of the pink sheets were problem for them.

He said" How can you signed something if you don't know how to read and write. Even writing of your own name is a problem. And you want to fight those who were able to write their names. The agents were the downfall of NDC for losing the December 2020 election.

The NPP were well organized. They trained people who can deliver good results for them at the end of the day and that was what happened. Their tactics worked for them. So the NDC should blame their agents for the messes created".

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