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Reactions of George Opare

Held Public Youth Coordinator of the Public Vote-based Congress (NDC), George Opare Addo commonly known as Pablo has opened up on what he says are 'powers' inside the party equalizing him.

These party fat cats he portrays as weaklings, as per him, should bow their heads in disgrace having flopped in their mission to throw him out as a public official of the party at the equitable finished youth and ladies' coordinator races.

George Opare Addo was chosen as Public Youth Coordinator of the NDC after beating his sole yet savage competitor, Brogya Genfi.

That political decision was not without contentions and affirmed underhand dealings and other inner-party allegations.

"I accept that I had done so all things considered, and I was anticipating that the party should lift me. I was predicting the purported fat cats in the NDC to stay nonpartisan. Sadly, the vast majority of the supposed fat cats are defeatists, so they couldn't show their faces and were fairly utilizing proxies. They paid a few writers to censure me and assault my solidarity", says the NDC Public Youth Coordinator.

Addressing Umaru Sanda Amadu on Eye to eye on Citi television, George Opare Addo bemoaned the shameful acts he had endured while censuring the absence of help from party authority.

"One of my assets was my capacity to asset the foundation of the party. All they needed to say was that it was the NPP that was financing me. Unfortunately, not a solitary one of them doubted my work; they concede that I have accomplished the work, however, they simply could have done without me since I don't come and do 'Yes sir, expert to them'. On final voting day, I saw an excessive number of hands attempting to get me out however it was the God factor since the very first moment", Pablo stressed.

Even though he won't refer to explicit names, George Opare Addo got down on the party's Public Correspondences Official, Sammy Gyamfi, and an Individual from Parliament for Ningo-Prampram, Sam George for their plots.

"They have no control over me. I'm NDC endlessly obvious. Sammy Gyamfi is one little kid in the NDC. I'm a senior in the NDC to him. He was one of the proxies that were utilized. He was one of the manikins that were utilized out there. Some defeatists couldn't show their appearances and take cover behind him. They are impact vendors. Individuals who expect impact they don't for even a moment have. There was likewise Sam George. I was astonished at his way of conducting himself because he is one of the youthful party young men I have upheld. He was battling to help my rival. He lied, he ought to have known better, so he ought not to be astounded in 2023 when I come to Ningo Prampram to help his rival.

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