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"Let me tell you: You can dodge but you can not hide" - Captain Smart hits back at Simon Osei Mensah

The winds are continually blowing up the heat and those who are at the receiving end of it keep finding ways of averting the effect. A new day introduces a new dimension but the direction of today's dimension has pointed towards the heart of the country, the Ashanti region.

Captain, once again, has dared another leader of the current government in alleged court action against him. On his morning show on Onua TV this Tuesday morning, he said that he has received news that the Ashanti regional minister, Simon Osei Mensah, is allegedly considering taking the journalist and his employer, the Media General, to the Law courts for making him and his government unpopular by exposing the number of medical facilities that have been left unattended to in the Ashanti region in particular.

According to Captain Smart, he does not want the Media General to be dragged into this. He is ready to avail himself personally for any legal action. "When do you want us to go? Should I meet you right now or which day?", Captain Smart questioned and dared the minister. He went on to say that the minister should learnt to think about the country and stop thinking about his party because, "for what I am doing, you can decide to dodge from it but you can't hide", Captain Smart concluded.

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