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Opinion: if your party loses, do these five (5) things to maintains Ghana's peaceful integrity.

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Every Tom,Dick and Harry is preparing to go to the polls on December 7th to elect a president for the republic of Ghana as well as members of parliament for the 275 constituencies.

The contending political parties are numerous but the real battle seems to be narrowed down to the NDC and the ruling NPP. Predictions and prophecies don't really matters. The real game is on the play grounds.

After 7pm, poll closes and counting begins on 7th December. The supporters of these contesting presidential and parliamentary candidates expect nothing but victory. But the stark reality is that, only one party or candidate is likely to be victorious out of the lot. The Ghana Electoral Commission will announce the winning candidates few hours after counting.

As a citizen or a resident of Ghana, when your candidate or party loses this election,observe these five protocols to maintain the peace and tranquility in this country.

(1) Thank the Almighty God for giving us a legitimate leader for the next four years.

When your party or candidate fails to win the election, just go on your knees to thank the Almighty God for giving us a legitimate leader to spearheads the affairs of this country. Ghana is bigger than any political party. No party would exist if there is no Ghana. Therefore be grateful to God for giving us a leader for the next four good years. Don't curse the party or the candidate that emerge winners. If you curse them,its an indirect curse on the nation.

(2) Buy a bottle of chilled non alcoholic beverage to gulp the sadness down.

When the Ghana Electoral Commission declares the winner who is not your candidate, just take it cool. Open your fridge and pull a very chilled beverage to ease down tension and melancholy. Then encourage yourself to come again in the next public election. Neither kill yourself nor your neighbour because of election. The party that wins will rule with all of us. Therefore let peace reigns. Don't be shattered into pieces. Be strong. Be self willed. Exercise self control and cherished up in your closest before coming out to congratulate the winners.

(3) Don't blame the Electoral Commission for the lose.

When your candidate loses the election, don't blame it on rigging or malpractices. Accept the results even if with reservations. Thank the Electoral Commission for the good work done. Yes. Conducting election for the whole country is a tedious exercise. Being an electoral commissioner for a school with about three thousand student population will give you a fair idea of elections difficulties. When the commissioner declares the winner don't incite hate against him or her. Better praise the office for the hard work.

(4) Don't incite your supporters to boycott the winning candidates. This could start serious battles.

As a flagbearer,when you lose the election don't incite your followers to boycott or reject the winning candidates on allegations of fraud or electoral malfeasances. If you instigate your party members to demonstrate against the winning Candidate, the security agencies will step up to quell the riot and people may be injured or lose their lives in the process. As a defeated flagbearer, hold a press conference immediately after the declaration of the results to congratulate your opponent who won. This will protect the peaceful integrity of this country.

(5) Use the Supreme Court to challenge any illegalities and malpractices that marred the beauty of the election.

The Supreme court of Ghana is the highest court with appellate and original jurisdiction. If you are not satisfied with the declaration of the results by the Electoral Commission, then quickly go to the supreme court with your evidence to prove your allegations. The court will handle the case on its merit to protect the peaceful integrity of this country.

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