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"Anti-lgbtq+" bill: What they tell you vs what you should know.

In the world of politics, every action has an endgame. Depending on how well you are involved in the situations, you will be told exactly what they want you to hear. The actual reason may or may not be equal to the news sold to the populace. When you understand this, then you know why two political parties mostly disagree on issues. What do you know about the ANTI-LGBTQ+ motive, the ongoing tussle between N.P.P and N.D.C parliamentarians?

Most Ghanaians are against the legalization of gay-lesbian marriages(LGBTQ+ at large). This scares any ruling government because the stance opposes that of major foreign governments, who provide Ghana with aids, grants and other supports. In other not to step on toes, each previous government has chosen to play it safe. What has changed now?

With the recent pressure from LGBTQ+ groups, both International and local, Ghanaians will be very much interested in a firm stand than just mediocre words. Not that the incumbent supports gay rights, but the action will cut off certain key favours. Knowing this, the major opposition party has decided to do what attract political capitals.

Behind the fight for ANTI-LGBTQ+ bill, they are two agendas of the N.D.C. The action is to gain the trust of the majority that their party never will succumb to internal and external forces to coerce Ghana to accept these rights. This will be very instrumental in their quest to snatch power in 2024. In that same line, this action will corner the ruling party. They are forcing them to make a decision to step on a toe, either Ghanaians or the International community. Either way, it weakens them and makes them unpopular en route to the next general election. 

This table shaken will, one day, turn around. Future governments will have to deal with the consequences, and it won't matter whether it's the N.P.P or N.D.C because it would now be Ghana against the World powers.

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