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Full Text: Bishop Charles Agyinasare’s speech during Naana Opoku-Agyemang’s visit to Perez Dome


Cleric Agyinasare, General Overseer of Perez Chapel 

Cleric Agyinasare, General Overseer of Perez Chapel 

On Wednesday morning, this country was hit with some dismal news—information on the destruction of the main vote based President of the 

fourth Republic of Ghana, and organizer of the National Democratic Congress, one of the two biggest ideological groups we have in this country. 

May his spirit find happiness in the hereafter. 

I additionally need to accept this open door, for the benefit of the whole Perez Family, to communicate my most profound sympathies

to our previous First Lady, Mrs Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings, the kids, the country, and the NDC party, which he established. 

On the events that I met and chatted with Mr Rawlings, obviously he cherished this country profoundly; and, thinking back, I can say we've lost an extremely incredible symbol. 

(Let us notice brief's quiet out of appreciation for our left previous President) 

Today, I need to authoritatively invite Professor Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang into our middle. 

Indeed, even before she became running mate to the NDC's banner carrier, I had made them interest associations with her by goodness of my serving on different instructive boards, including that of Perez University College. 

Truth be told, except for one, all the ministers we have had at the Perez University College have come from the University of Cape Coast of which she was at one time a Vice-Chancellor. 

One of our senior ministers who likewise addresses at Cape-Vars worked with her in a similar division. 

Prof, I have followed you quickly from the time you were picked as the running mate of the NDC and how you have acted and your mission. 

I have not heard you or perused reports of you utilizing annoying or oppressive language on your political adversaries, and this is deserving of honor. 

Much obliged to you for that model lead. Being a Christian and an individual from the Methodist Church, the lead you have displayed is reviving, so keep it up. 

Let me state that, as a godly man, similarly as I've complimented you for what I see you progressing admirably, the day you or your ideological group—regardless of whether 

while in resistance or while in government—neglect to make the right decision, expect that I will in like manner stand up and not be quiet. 

I trust that on the off chance that it happens "assault canines" from your gathering won't be released against me! Obviously, in the far-fetched occasion that it occurs, I won't be hushed. 

In the following not many days in front of us, we will be setting off to the surveys to choose our chiefs who will lead the country for the following four years. 

Tragically every political decision season in this country has been portrayed by so much strain and dangers of savagery. 

Since 1992, this has been the tragic cycle we have needed to suffer as residents of this extraordinary country. 

Let me accept this open door, indeed, to scold our legislators, particularly from the two principle ideological groups, the NPP and the NDC, that the current year's decisions ought not release brutality on us. 

The ideological groups ought not let free, hooligans and vigilante bunches on the conventional individuals. Let us experience a significant level of respectfulness on the seventh of December and past. 

I trust and implore that the security organizations and the Electoral Commission would do an exceptionally proficient and unbiased work. 

They should not support or backing any one specific ideological group against the other. Lamentably, this has been a significant reason for political savagery in different wards. 

I need to make an energetic appeal to the columnists, that they ought to take in exercises from history; history has instructed us that a few countries have done battle, 

some have had common war and ancestral battles; families have been partitioned, and blameless lives have been wrecked all because of thoughtless revealing of certain columnists. 

At the point when you pick the way of your own advantages and drama, you may wind up celebrated and rich. 

Be that as it may, the lives and families you would have wound up annihilating might be too incredible to even think about repairing. I ask you, one day when you are old, 

will you be pleased with yourselves or rather be brimming with laments for your function in the result of our decisions and the harm you would have caused to your individual kinsmen? 

This political race season, I encourage writers to serve the individuals with an unadulterated heart. Report reality and only reality, not with a hued focal point because of your gathering affiliations. 

All the more critically, we anticipate that our lawmakers and their allies should focus on harmony.

Make the tranquility of this country your highest need, as is referenced in Heb 12:14: "Follow harmony with all men, and blessedness, without which no man will see the Lord". 

Leave me alone speedy to add that the legal executive should consistently put this current country's inclinations in front of any individual's or group's. 

The Merriam-Webster's word reference characterizes majority rules system as an administration by the individuals, one in which 

"the preeminent force is vested in individuals and practiced by them straightforwardly or in a roundabout way through an arrangement of portrayal typically including occasionally held free decisions." 

That implies each and every resident of Ghana has a state in what our administration would resemble.

As residents we should all be resolved to decide on seventh December without making any issue at the surveying station. 

Recollect that on the off chance that you don't cast a ballot, at that point you reserve no option to examine the approaches of any administration. 

Remember the result of decisions will influence you, if you're keen on governmental issues. 

It is said that not casting a ballot is adequately making a choice for the adversary you least concur with. 

On the off chance that you have an inclination that you're only one individual whose vote doesn't make a difference, recollect that each vote checks. Truth be told, yours strength be the one to decide the fate of this extraordinary nation. 

As Christians, we will proceed in our undeniable order in petitioning God for the heads of this country, from the President to the resistance, the assembly, legal executive, security administrations, and the whole nation. 

God favor our country Ghana.

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