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Funny Views of Ghana Political Leaders That Will Leave You Laughing on The Floor.

Since Ghana is a democratic country, many has taken advantage of making fun of their political leaders. It’s so funny to see how some of the hilarious political leaders in the country are. Some of which are actually edited and others being real happening that people got to take pics of. Ghanaians have been making pictures of our various political parties which can relieve you of any stress.

The above is just so funny. As you can see, it is our long-time political rivals. That is, His Excellency Nana Addo and Hon. John Dramani. Their pictures have been edited for them to look like women contesting in a beauty contest. How funny! How can Ghanaians be so wicked to do this. It’s not just funny but very attractive.

This too is a group of parliamentarians sitting around Hon. Mahama. Well, there is nothing wrong with them sitting together but it just occurred to me the facial expressions they’ve put on. You can’t just stop watching and laughing at it. It seems as if all of them have lost their loved one but it’s not so. So hilarious, I guess.

Ghanaians have such a good sense of humour. Just observe how they are fooling around with such a pic of their President. It’s a picture of Prez. Nana Addo who happens to make such a funny facial look. Funny but also a serious matter. You just can’t stop laughing at such picture.

Also, Hon. Mahama has also put on a face that can get you to laugh all day. I myself can’t help but laugh my ass out. It is clear that it has been edited but it’s also quite funny and interesting. You would not believe how Ghanaians are making fun out of this.

This however talks for itself. It’s clear that someone, who might be an NPP fan is trying to sell bread to the President whiles attending a funeral, I think. Ghanaians can really be funny. It’s really bold of her to approach her President to sell him just bread. I just can’t think far.

How funny this picture is. The late JJ Rawlings, May his soul Rest In Peace, has been caught on camera holding Hon. Mahama with such a look that can get you laughing all day. Whatever the cause was, Ghanaians can’t figure it out but laugh at it. It’s funny though. 

Such pictures can relieve you of stress. I believe you’ve laughed and laughed. Thank you for reading. 

Content created and supplied by: Ronaldantwi_123 (via Opera News )

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