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E-Levy Bruhaha, Check out these Outcomes of an Interview Conducted

Eletronic Levy is a controversial bill the government wants the parliament to approve to become a law where Ghanaian citizens will pay tax on all their online transactions including mobile money.

The controversial bill of the current government is to extend the tax net to most of the working force in the country. According to researchers , most of Ghana's working force are not paying tax.

An interview conducted by the University of Oxford in Partnership with the University of Cape Coast Bachelor of Commerce Department , the outcimes are discussed below:

This poll interviewed 157,755 people across all regions in Ghana via phone and some face to face interview.The margin of error is +/_ 2%.

 *The questions asked are as follows:*

1.Do you think the violent conduct of some parliamentarians in parliament will affect their elections fortunes in 2024.

65% said yes,

31 said no.

4% said there are not sure.

2.Do you think the E-Levy needs to be passed?

56% said yes.

43% said no.

1% said not sure.

3.Do you think the hardship in Ghana now is as a result of bad NPP Governance ?

52% said no

45% said yes

1% said not sure.

4.Do you think the hardships in Ghana is as a result of the impact of covid-19?

55% said Yes

41% said no

4% said not sure. 

5.Do you think this NPP Government has managed Ghana during this covid-19 era so well?

65% said Yes

25% said No

10% said not sure.

6.Will corruption be a key decision factor on who you will vote for in 2024?

75% said yes

24% said no

1% said not sure

7. Which party will you trust to manage the economy of Ghana better?

67.5% said NPP

31% said NDC

1.5 % said a third party will do better.

8.Is John Mahama a viable candidate for 2024?

57% said no

41% said yes

2% said not sure.

9.Will you trust Mahama to manage Ghana economy better than a new NPP candidate like Bawumia/Alan?

53.5% said no

35% said yes

1.5% said not sure

10.Do you think Ghana needs to manage the debt profile better than it is currently doing?

57% said yes

41% said no

2% said not sure.

11.Who will you vote for in 2024 presidential elections between Alan/Bawumia and Mahama and why ?

49% said Bawumia/Alan because they are competent and not corrupt. 

40% said Mahama because of his infrastructural projects.

6% said they will not vote at all.

5% said they will vote for another candidate. 

12.Between Mahama and Bawumia? Who will you vote for in 2024 elections?

51% said Bawumia 

42% said Mahama 

7% said none of them

13.Between Alan and Mahama who will you vote for?

46% said Alan

45% said Mahama 

9% said they will not vote for any of them.

14.Between Alan/Bawumia against a new NDC candidate like Prof Alabi or Dr Duffour.

45% said they will vote for Alan/Bawumia. 

50% said they will vote for either Dr Duffour/Prof Alabi.

2% said none of them

3% said they will vote for another party.

15.Do you think the speaker of Parliament abused his office when he took an entourage with him to Dubai for his medical leave?

71% said yes a medical leave is not a business trip.

23% said no

6% said not sure

16.Is the speaker of Parliament a good fit for his role?

57% said he is not a good speaker.

35% said he is alright but needs to stop making unnecessary partisan statements .

8% said not sure.

17. Do you think it's a risk to vote for Mahama again as president?

57% said yes he is an extremely corrupt and incompetent. 

31% said No, among the NDC,he is the only best candidate. 

2% said not sure

Content created and supplied by: GreatAlexander (via Opera News )

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