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Security Analyst Gives Brilliant Suggestion About How to Arrest Criminals in Kasoa

Security Analyst, Adam Bona has claimed that the Ghana Police Service should stop the unintelligent swoops with no evidence. He then suggested that they(police) train Kayayes, traders, and Truck Pushers to become Secret Operatives. He made statement on TV3 today, Thursday 22nd April, 2021.

Adam Bona rubbished the alleged swoop by police in the Central Region to get rid of criminals in and around Kasoa. He said, "it is an unintelligent swoop. We can have intelligent swoop by training Kayayes and Trader to give evidence".

He believes that there have been several of such swoops which often resulted in the arrest of many innocent people who happen to be at wrong place and those innocent people have ended up behind bars for years.

He continued by saying, "the swoop is a violation of their (innocent people) right. Let us be smart. The police have been doing this several times and the residents claim that the police are in bed with the criminals.

" I gave the police a hint of some drug dealers, they(police) then gave my number to drug dealers and I was threatened".

The security expert is of the view that the police who are capable of fighting criminals have been relegated to the back whereas academicians have been put at the frontline.

"A time will come when drivers can not pass through Kasoa, we will have to fly to Cape Coast. Kasoa did not start today, that place is a no-man's-land. The law does not work. Even the District Chief Executives in both Central an d Greater Accra Regions do not know where the boundary is".

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