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Bringing John Mahama Back For 2024 Election Will Be A Doom For NDC.

It seems like John Dramani Mahama's need is to drum and sing warship songs for Ghanaians peace. On the other hand, the NPP's led by President Nana Addo and his government is serious, belief in the peace and stability of the country. Their agendum is not Ghananian citizen dying before the party wins the 2024 elections or breaks the eight and beyond.

Politics and elections are development in peace and stability of the country's economic growth, and standard of living for the people. A sampling of developmental and social interventions and offering alternative solutions for electorates to choose from this and others what is what NNP standard for and willing for all Ghanaians.

It is awful, perturbing, unfortunate and uncouth for nobody like a statesman of our country ex-president John Dramani Mahamama to make a statement "Do or Die" in a media space at Bono East region. This region has been steadily peaceful since its creation.

I blatant and solemnly put to you that Mr.Former president your do-or-die statement is not needful, irrational and any endeavor to defend and rationalize it should be abandoned. As the adage goes not all statements deserve the mouth of a king.

Mr. ex-president, the highest law of our land (1992 constitution) grants you the right to seek redress at the Supreme Court whenever you feel discontent with the electoral processes. And after the 2020 elections, you rightfully did that just that it was tintinnabulation, unworth because you provided no single evidence to prove your case in a court of which resulted in the humiliating struck out.

The result of your actions telecasted the court proceedings live on our screens, social media, and loud and clear on radio Fms and all Ghanaians citizens witnessed the weak case you sent to court and your lawyer's ineptitude to defend it. So why now create the image that our judicial system is incapable to handle any electoral dispute in the country? It is awful and unfortunate.

Mr. Ex-president your terms of administration left the youth with disappointments, dumsor, cancellation of teachers and nurses allowances, and incompetence. Nothing can change this hallmark trait you left. Currently, we have a president-elect and vice who is fixing the mess you created; restoration hope and confidence in the youth, paying allowance, fixing dumsor, planting for food and jobs.


Today in Ghana, there is no unemployment graduate association that your poor governance created but rather free SHS, scholarships, good road construction, and electricity stability. Your comeback will be the return of incompetence and corruption. Why then worry yourself to drum and sing worship songs to echo everywhere now and then. Ghanaians have never and ever trust your come back indeed, a Leopard can never hide its black spots.

Mr. Mahama, the four years that you're seeking means nothing but another four years of self-inflicted pains and Ghanaians will never engage in such a mess. Honorable ex-president John Dramani Mahama we can easily predict your next actions in office. It will be self-inflicted pains, incompetence, bribery, corruption, and Ghanaians will not exchange NPP for you. Once ineffective always ineffective. 


If John Mahama is not willing to back down on his pronouncement "do-or-It die" and goes into the next elections with such mentality, then is a doom his part NDC, family, and the nation as a whole. No peace-loving citizen will die for this selfish agenda with you, your children, and NDC as a whole. 

Enough is enough......

Never l again John Mahama!!

Content created and supplied by: LizBlinks (via Opera News )

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