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2020 General Election: New Package For Teachers And Nurses

For the past years, none of the governments have done anything positive for teachers. In Ghana alone apart from Educational employees most especially Teachers, all other government employees have been receiving incentives packages together with other allowances from the government and Teachers have been receiving none since the Fourth Republic up-to-date.

And the tragic aspect of this is that the other workers turn to mock teachers as things go over the past years non of the political parties have provided better relief for teachers. Some just go beyond doubt referring to the teaching profession in Ghana as a disgraced career. And my question is, what awry have teachers done to these politicians? They don't respect Teachers. Currently, the ruling government gave basic school teachers one hot meal instead of a 50% tax exemption.

meanwhile, Nurses are enjoying tax exemption packages and other additional allowances.

I sometimes laugh at those who keep saying Teachers' rewards are on heaven. That slogan is nothing but a fallacy, there's no reward kept for teachers in heaven.

God is so true that the ruling government has promised Teachers, and that's the Teachers Professional Allowance that we are all hoping for. As for the Nurses they are already enjoying their national cake, 50% tax exemption. Someone may mumble that they are the Politician' pets, huh. They are always condoned by any government that attains to power in Ghana. For Teachers, hmmm, committed Muslims may say 'Inshallah' God willing our government shall Come.

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