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Ghana Tourism Authority Speaks On Banning The Movie 'Freedom And Justice,' So What Will Happen Next?

As always, Kobby Rana and his team always bring us a 'christmas movie.' This time around, the movie was about corruption in a particular country 

And in the movie trailer, you can see the youths fighting with their leaders to make the country great again.

If you ever watch the movie, you will feel like buying one of the tickets because you see it as an exciting movie, even in the trailer.

So tickets were selling, and many people bought the tickets (which I decided to buy one).

But on 24th December, Kobi Rana himself made a post that there has been a ban on showing the movie.

When the news broke, Ghanaians started questioning why there has been a ban,

Some people decided to take it through politics by saying the current government is afraid the movie will expose them.

But The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has come out to explain to Ghanaians why there was a ban.

They explained by saying they haven't banned the movie's premiering but rather due to the increase of the coronavirus numbers. The president has instructed the closing of borders beaches, night clubs, pubs, and cinemas remain closed until further notice. Hence, they had to ban the premiering of the movie.

Now many tickets have been sold, and the producers are planning on returning the money to the buyers.

So What Next? (Opinion)

One other thing the producers can also do is to reorganize the premiering of the movie. 

They can make it in a batch, like 30 peoples a day. These measures are going to make sure there is no overcrowding.

Although this will take days for all the peoples who have bought the ticket ready to watch this movie, that is the only solution that seems to be working now.

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