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Meet The Kenyan Diplomat Who Boldly Told Whites To Concentrate In A Meeting

Meet The Kenyan Diplomat Who Boldly Told Whites To Concentrate In A Meeting Than Watching His Dressing

Some men don' t take fashion to serious like women. Many men don' t care what they put on as far it can cover their body. But is good to dress good be it a man or a woman theirs this saying that quote the way you dress is the way you will be addressed.

And as a influential person in a society or a country you really need to work on your dressing ways and look because many people look toward you as their role model. In this article we going to discuss about a great leader by name Cyprian Achilaus Otieno Awiti who is a governor of a state named Homa bay county in Kenya.

His Dressing history have keeps people talking all over the social network even from his People. However this doesn' t move or prevent him from moving higher or achieving his goals. Is good to look attractive and neat people can admire you or fall in love with you just because of your dressing levels. Just like every professional have code for dressing so do our leaders and politicians do.

This governor have been laughed at and even mocked because of the way he Dress and it seems he don' t care about people opinion in his life. He once said at a function in the Kenyan capital while in a meeting with some white Diplomats that they should concentrate on the relevance of the gathering than watching his dressing and stomach. This threw a wild laughter.

He is a very kind hearted and funny man who creates jokes at any given time in a gathering. Many times his pictures have been displayed on social network questioning his dressing styles. And some individuals don' t care about his dressing as far his facing his responsibilities and duties Also doing it well his good to go.

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