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Pop Star Presidential candidate Bobi Wine Bail After Many Dead In Uganda Protests

Me Wine was acquitted on bail on Friday after authorities accused him over functions feasible to spread coronavirus.

Followers of Bobi Wine, whose actual name is Robert Kyagulanyi, carried to the streets, impeding roads and burning car tires, after announcements of Bobi Wine's detention.

Police have utilized tear gas, water cannons, and many more in an attempt to prevent the uprisings and scatter those assembled to oppose the regime of long-serving President Mr. Museveni.

Wine, who initially establish prestige as a musician and actor as well in his homeland Uganda, is now a prominent opposition candidate for the coming presidential election expected in January God willing. But alleged be was pulled from his car and apprehended while campaigning on the east side of the nation.

Police later said he was breaking coronavirus protocols that restrict organizing mass rallies.

His party, National Unity Platform, has prevailed frequently yell by police assaults and arrests since he recently inaugurated his campaign for the presidency role.

Subsequently, he was arrested on Wednesday, the pop star tweeted: "The price of freedom is high but we shall certainly overcome".

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