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Nana Addo Listen to What This Boy Is Saying. He is Promising "One Student Two Bread" In His Campaign

We all remember when the country was filed with the "one promises". One house one meter, One District One factory and the many more ones that had people drooling all over the for what was in forbhem and how they can benefit from it.

Well, the era of the ones is not past. Maybe one is a cliché, so two is the better option now.

To win power, wooing your constituents is one major thing that has to be done, and that is exactly what this student was captured doing.

Vying for the position of the Dining Hall Prefect of his school, he is mandated ro read his manifesto, so he could win votes and eventually become the Dining Hall Prefect.

In reading his manifesto, he promised to give every student rwi bread if he is voted into power.

Well, the promises will be made, but can he really deliver on his promise, knowing that he has very little control over the quantity of food served at the dining hall.?

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Nana Addo


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