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Fear Women. Moment A President Held A Press Conference To Announce That He Has No Side Chicks.

You would love to watch the video but since the video is not here, enjoy reading this article. A video of a president announcing publicly that he does not have any side chick have been making headlines all over social media. Enjoy readying while you share, like, follow and comment for more.

Side chicks for big men in our society these days are very common. Most big men are not able to stay long with their wives so they take these slay queens as their side chicks. Some wives of these men seem to be okay with it while some do not. One president which for some reasons his name and country cannot be mentioned has publicly reveal that he has never thought of cheating on his wife. According to this faithful president, he has no other woman in his life except his wife.

"I want to make it very clear that I have only one dear wife, Lucy. She is here and I do not have any other. Ask any question you want to ask, I'm glad to answer." The President made this known in the press conference he held.

This video of the president has left many social media users reacting. Many have noted that if a woman can make a whole president do this, then we should fear women after God. Some too have noted that even if the president has a side chick, no one will be able to talk due to how the wife of the president has frown her face.

Read some reactions beneath.

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