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A Lucky Street Hawker Was Given Ghc750(about $130), by a Businessman Who Tastes His Groudnut.

The world is undoubtedly full of surprises whether good or bad no matter how, when and where they come from. The boy who sells groundnut on the street will never believe he would meet Mr Marksman- a business man who gave him Ghc 750 as a gift.

The boy is reported to have been Hawking groundnuts when he met Mr. Marksman in the street of Lagos in Nigeria.

The boy never knew his lucky was waiting for him before meeting the man The hawker showed his groundnut to him to buy. But the man refused buying despite much persuasion from the hawker.

The young hawker did not relent in his efforts and realizing the refusal of the businessman to buy his groundnuts, he persuaded him to just have a taste of it.

The hawker resorted to this method and told the man that he could buy from him any other time if not at that moment.

This time around the man yiellded to the hawker's demand.Surprisinglh, the man tasted the groundnuts and gave the boy a gift of 50,000 naira which is about Ghc 759 or $130.

Mr. Marksman posted this in his Facebook page that led to lots of mixed reactions Some are thanking him for his kind gesture, others are saying it was not proper for putting it in Social Media.

Whatever the views of people may be, the man has done well as the money would be very helpful for the hawker's family

One will imagine how much the total sale of the boy's groundnuts would have fetched him.Also it might be that his mother was waiting for his return home before they could feed

Let those who have help those who don't have.This will help our society in all ways.

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Hawking Lucky Marksman-


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